Novella River Park

10€ per person

Discover the Canyons of Val di Non in Trentino, an Adventure for everyone!

  • ideal excursion for families
  • among the spectacular canyons of the Val di Non
  • 2 hours of adventure in an incredible Nature
  • from 3 years old
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Novella River Park

Discover the canyons of the Val di Non, a real show for everyone.

The Novella River Park contains incredible angles sculpted by the Novella stream over thousands of years. A 3.5 km equipped route will take you to the heart of the mountain, suspended in mid-air thanks to an incredible equipped route that will allow you to enjoy the wonders of the Park in complete safety.

Walking at the pace that best suits you, you will be able to enjoy two hours of adventure and culture thanks to the very useful audio guide in 3 languages ​​that will be provided to you.

The leitmotif of the itinerary is water, which has a key role for both nature and man. The incessant erosive action on the rocks is, in fact, the basis of the morphology of the territory. A characteristic river valley, with an unmistakable V-shaped profile, formed where easily eroded rocks emerge, gives way to a spectacular gorge with narrow passages and vertical walls, engraved in the more resistant rocks.

In the Novella River Park there are mainly sedimentary rocks, but going down the bed of the Novella stream, it is not uncommon to find porphyry pebbles (effusive volcanic rocks) and phyllites (metamorphic rocks). The park is also rich in fauna and flora, a real treasure hidden among the apple orchards of the Val di Non.

What are you waiting for? Book your family excursion and enjoy the Novella River Park trying to respect and preserve it for future generations.

Suitable for

families with children > 3 years

Period of the year

from May to September


2 hours

equipment provided

audio guide, and helmet

Equipment to bring

comfortable clothing, boots, k-way