Hydrospeed Noce Ursus Adventures in Val di Sole

Hydrospeed Noce

50€ / per person

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Hydrospeed Noce

Adrenaline pumping adventure, hydrospeed experience in River Noce, experienced instructors.

Do you want to try one of the most thrilling descents from inside the river? Hydrospeed is the activity you are looking for!

Our experienced instructors will lead you through the rapids holding only your hydrospeed board, completely submerged in water.

After a short briefing on the main commands (how to steer, stop, etc.) you are ready to follow the instuctor into the river, kept afloat by the board, in a breath-taking water experience.

Due to it’s nature, is suitable only for 18+ years of age


1,5 hours approx. including briefing. Meeting time 30 minutes prior to departure.

What is included

All the equipment required, which includes

  • 5-mm wetsuit
  • spray jacket
  • hydrospeed board
  • helmet
  • buoyancy aid
  • flippers
  • Photos

All equipment will be cleaned after each trip. You just need to bring your swimwear for underneath your wetsuit, a non-cotton T-shirt (synthetic materials are best) you’re comfortable getting wet in, dry clothes for after your trip.

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