Capriolo nei boschi della Val di Sole

Wildlife Watching

45€ / per person

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Wildlife Watching

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Duration: 3 hours

Wildlife watching is an incredible experience where you can taste the real flavor of wilderness. It starts at 5.15 p.m. at our Center, and after a short initial briefing where we will give you details about the excursion, the materials we will use and the species of animals we could see during the route, we will leave for Val di Pejo (15 min). Once there, we will start walking along the botanical path and then enter the wood at dusk, the moment when the alpine fauna starts wandering about. You will discover all the secrets of the Stelvio National Park and its hidden inhabitants accompanied by an expert “local” guide.

Among the animals you’ll probably observe, there is the king of the Stelvio: the deer.

After about 2 hours of walking, you will arrive in an amazing and isolated mountain cabin where you can enjoy a snack. After tidying up, you will come back when the night has fallen, and at that moment you will experience new ancestral emotions because every little noise will be a rush of adrenaline.
True Adventure in complete safety thanks to the support of the Ursus Adventures staff!

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