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Ski Mountaineering Experience 

  • Uphill skiing techniques
  • Using ski skins
  • Surrounded by nature in its winter dress

Ski Mountaineering

Skiing in nature

Attach the skins to the skis and start an amazing experience, perfect for those looking to get into the finest way to travel on a snow-covered mountain. Get into the nature and discover the beauty of the Dolomites in winter. Get surrounded by majestic mountains, silent woods, and stunning landscapes.

Try this very old sport, born in the Arctic regions as a means of transportation across the snow. Techniques have changed, no more animal skins to gain traction, but the essence of this sport is always the same: climbing snow-covered mountains with ski skins. These are stripes made of nylon, mohair or a combination thereof, attached to the bottom of skis in order to let them slide forward but not backward.

Ursus Adventure Team will provide you with personal equipment and will explain how ski touring equipment works. You’ll get winter mountaineering skills and learn techniques for mountain journeying. After an ascent of 400 mt you’ll be ready to remove skins for skiing downhill in a beautiful scenery.

Being able to ski on red runs, as well as a good physical condition, are compulsory in order to try this experience.

Just bring ski clothing and a backpack with some water and a spare t-shirt.

Ski Alp

150€ / each

Ski Alp

150€ / each

Experience a new dimension of skiing: nature, slow movements, crisp air and unique views

a very scenic exit for beginners
healthy and zero-impact activity
with professional mountain guide

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