Astronomical Tourism

  • Discover one of the “Best Italian skies”
  • Trekking at sunset with experienced alpine guides
  • See the stars with the help of a laser
  • In “Ossana” in “Val di Sole”
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In the most beautiful sky in Italy

Astronomical tourism: Trekking above Ossana to admire the stars

One of the best destinations in Italy to observe the stars. Ossana, proclaimed “Italy’s most beautiful sky” thanks to its careful environmental policy, is the location of our astronomical tourism AstroExperience.

You will be able to walk in unspoiled nature and admire the stars, in any season, even in winter.

Walk in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, immerse yourself in the starry sky, without other sources of light pollution.

At dusk, from the ancient village of Ossana, your trek will begin to reach Malga del Dos, in Valpiana, in the natural landscape of Val di Sole.

As night falls, you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful skies in Italy, accompanied by expert guides.

With the aid of lasers, you will discover the most fascinating celestial bodies in the sky.

Malga del Dos is part of the Astronomical Tourism Network. The location is in the Astronomical Tourism Network and has been awarded the GOLD level, it stands out as a destination of excellence for Astrotourism and among the best places to observe the Stars and the Milky Way.

For Astrotourism it is, therefore, among the best places to observe the stars, and you can do it even in the coldest season.

We advise you to wear comfortable and practical clothing. If you decide to participate in this nature experience in winter, we recommend warm clothes and hiking boots. In case of a lot of snow, snowshoes will be used.


55€ per person


55€ per person

Experience a reconciling experience with Nature at night

  • trekking at dusk in Val di Sole
  • observation of the stars in the company of a mountain guide
  • in the most beautiful sky in Italy according to Astonomitalia
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