Tiro con l'arco in Val di Sole


  • an engaging experience that will train both the body and min
  • archery is a physical activity with a strong balance component
  • a dynamic interplay between concentration, tension, and satisfaction
  • In Val di Sole, you’ll be guided through this journey by a skilled instructor
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Discover the beauty of arrow flight

Where body and mind work together

Archery is discovering the beauty of arrow flight, the idea of ​​reaching the target first with the mind and only then with the arrow, experiencing the suspension of the senses.

Archery is a physical activity with a strong component of balance and control and another game.

During shooting, the body must remain balanced and maintaining a high postural control in all phases is essential.

Even mental resources play a decisive role in this sport, in relation to the management of anxiety and above all to the knowledge of one’s body.

Shooting a bow is an engaging experience that ignites a variety of emotions, pulling you into a world of concentration, tension, and satisfaction. As you aim at the target, the entire world fades away except for your goal, demanding total focus.

The physical tension builds as you draw the bowstring, creating a palpable anticipation for the release. Then, when the arrow flies and hits the target successfully, a wave of excitement and fulfillment washes over you. It’s a moment of triumph, a tangible affirmation of your growing skills.

However, archery is also a journey through frustration. Every imperfect shot or technical difficulty can be an obstacle, requiring patience and resilience. Practice becomes your ally, and each attempt becomes a learning opportunity.

Amidst this mix of emotions, you also experience moments of calm and relaxation. During the aim, everything settles, creating a kind of “calm zone” where you are in perfect harmony with the bow, the arrow, and the target. It’s a precious instant of inner peace.

If involved in competition, the competitive component can add an electrifying challenge. The desire to surpass yourself or to excel can ignite an inner fire, pushing you to constantly improve your skills.

And if you are outdoors, nature itself becomes an integral part of the experience. The gentle breeze, the chirping of birds, and the sensation of being in the open air contribute to creating a deep connection with the surrounding environment, making archery not just a sport but a complete immersion in a multisensory experience.

Become William Tell

25€ per person

Become William Tell

25€ per person

Discover the beauty of the flight of an arrow

  • strong component of balance and control
  • educates body and mind to work together
  • assisted by an instructor
  • 1 hour an 30 minutes activity
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Tiro con l'arco in Val di Sole