Orienteering in Val di Sole


  • Ideal for team building and schools
  • Also by mountain bike or snowshoes
  • Develop concentration and a spirit of collaboration
  • Immersed in unspoiled nature
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Compass and topographic map

Orient yourself in the woods of Val di Sole

You will explore the woods hunting for “lanterns“, with the help of a compass and a topographical map.

You will have to be able to orient yourself in nature, trying to identify the points (posts with punch) where you will have to mark your passage, to reach the final goal, marked on the map.

It is a training activity that develops concentration and the spirit of collaboration and, at the same time, it is a lot of fun. We therefore recommend it for Team Building experiences and for Schools.

We offer you different variations of Orienteering, such as the “Treasure Hunt“: find all the foods along the way and, at the end, you can enjoy a cheerful barbecue.

Orienteering can also be done on Mountain Bike or in winter with snowshoes.

Finally, the more classic variant: “All against all“, or in Teams: collaborate with the members of your group to finish the course.

Orienteering can be done all year round and in many situations.

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Have fun and learn with compass and topographic map

  • ideal for team building and schools
  • a very educational and fun activity at the same time
  • on foot, by mountain bike or with snowshoes
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Orienteering in Val di Sole