Orienteering in Val di Sole


  • guided Activity with Compass and Map
  • also by mountain bike or snowshoes
  • develop concentration and a spirit of collaboration
  • ideal for team building and schools
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Compass and topographic map

Orient yourself in the woods of Val di Sole

Orienteering is a discipline that combines a passion for nature, the thrill of adventure, and the mental challenge of navigation. Born as a sport, orienteering has deep roots in the human ability to orient and navigate in natural environments, encouraging individuals to actively and consciously explore the surrounding world.

In essence, orienteering is an activity where participants must navigate through a predetermined course using only a map and a compass. The challenge lies in finding the quickest and most efficient way to reach a series of control points scattered in wooded, mountainous, or urban areas. This requires not only good physical fitness but also map-reading skills, the ability to make quick decisions, and precise orientation.

One of the distinctive elements of orienteering is the variety of terrains it encompasses. Enthusiasts of this sport may find themselves running through intricate forests, tackling steep slopes, crossing rivers, or navigating urban mazes. This diversity adds an element of unpredictability, making each orienteering activity a unique experience.

The compass is a fundamental tool in orienteering, allowing participants to maintain an accurate direction even when the terrain becomes challenging. Learning to use the compass effectively is essential for successfully navigating through the various challenges that orienteering presents.

Beyond the competitive aspect, orienteering can be practiced at various levels, adapting to the needs and preferences of each individual. Some view it as an individual race against the clock, while others participate in team events to share the experience with friends or family.

With Ursus Adventures, you will explore the forest in search of “lanterns,” aided by a compass and a topographic map.

You will need to navigate through nature, identifying points (stakes with punches) where you must mark your passage to reach the final goal marked on the map.

It’s an educational activity that develops concentration and teamwork spirit while being highly enjoyable. Therefore, we recommend it for Team Building experiences and for schools.

We offer various orienteering variations, such as “Treasure Hunt“: find all the items along the course, and at the end, enjoy a cheerful barbecue.

Orienteering can also be done on mountain bikes or in winter with snowshoes.

Finally, the most classic variant: “Everyone against Everyone,” or in teams: collaborate with your group members to complete the course.

Orienteering can be enjoyed year-round and in various situations.

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Have fun and learn with compass and topographic map

  • ideal for team building and schools
  • a very educational and fun activity at the same time
  • on foot, by mountain bike or with snowshoes
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Orienteering in Val di Sole