Ursus Adventures Crew

who we are

  • We are a team made up of 30 people, with a lot of passion, energy and a constant desire to throw ourselves into new experiences. We have many years of experience in offering outdoor activities.
  • We are professionals trained by graduates, alpine guides, mountain bike, paragliding, yoga, bushcraft and many other things. We are true experiential outdoor experts.
  • We are committed to enhancing the area in which we live and at the same time we are custodians of its biodiversity and we try to actively preserve it.
  • More than the “what” and “how much” we are interested in the “how”: we study our experiences in every detail, the materials we use and we constantly train to improve ourselves in our proposals.

Our team

The outdoors is our passion, our life! We are an “experienced” team… and we are so in every sense.

In fact, we have been exploring the Noce River for years and managing its rapids aboard a rafting dinghy. And that we experience the mountain in all its diversity.

Since 2020 we have decided to take new paths and face new challenges, such as opening a new Center dedicated to all the outdoor activities that can be carried out in Val di Sole.

We created Ursus Adventures with the desire to promote true, original and sustainable experiences all year round.

In every season you will find proposals in intimate contact with the territory that hosts us, guaranteed by the quality and experience of mountaineers who do everything for passion even before for work.

Ursus Adventures therefore wants to be the reference point for adventure, the one with a capital A. We organize our proposals with professionalism and competence as well as with an eye to environmental sustainability , the protection of the territory and safety.

Our team is made up of 30 mountain “bears”, directed by the volcanic Alessandro Fantelli, who boasts a long experience in the sector.

We know the history, traditions and culture of our valleys and we want to pass them on to our guests and future generations through the experiences we offer.

Our commitment to the environment

Our activities take place in the nature and in the sometimes wild environment of the Val di Sole. 50% of the Val di Sole territory is protected and is found in the parks of the Stelvio, Adamello Brenta and the Alto Noce river park. We are aware that we operate in a delicate territory and for this reason all our actions are aimed at preserving it:

  • Our bar is plastic free. We have eliminated plastic bottles using only glass and aluminum, materials that can be easily recycled.
  • The products we use to clean spaces are environmentally friendly. We select them carefully and use them sparingly.
  • We use local products. Here you will find a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, local wines and beers that express our “genius loci”.
  • We source from local suppliers. We think it is right to give back to the territory what it gives us.
  • We practice a careful differentiated collection. You will find colored bins with indications of what needs diversifying in 3 points of the Centre.
  • We have chosen to establish our second office in the Mezzana station because we consider rail mobility to be very important and to be exploited in order to reduce the impact of CO2 production on the environment.
  • The external lake uses the water pumped directly into the groundwater from a well 15 meters deep and then returns it to the Noce river.
  • To sanitize we use alcohol-based products and ozone, a totally ecological gas.
  • We only use energy from renewable sources.
  • Our structure is eco-sustainable. The buildings were built in wood by local craftsmen.
  • We chose to use an awning for the outdoor spaces in order to reduce the built-up area and once the summer is over, remove it to make room for greenery.
  • We use vehicles for travel during the activities which are all “euro 6” or electric.
  • When you participate in the activities and experiences we have created for you, you must share our philosophy: “Respect for the territory“.

Get in touch with nature, be ready to listen to it without putting it at risk, and you will be able to understand the true and profound meaning of the word “Adventure”.

Help us to contribute with your responsible action to the maintenance of the magnificent ecosystem that hosts us.