Canyoning in the heart of the Trentino mountains Ursus adventures
Canyoning in Val di Sole


  • In the best Canyon of the Val di Sole
  • Combines mountaineering with river sports
  • Abseils, dives and slides in natural pools
  • Suitable for everyone aged 14 and over, the best begginer canyoning


A thrilling experience in the heart of the mountain

An incredible experience in the heart of the mountain

Let yourself be carried away by the powerful force of the water, slide on fun rock platforms and descend into narrow rocky gorges carved by the river over millions of years.

Follow the flow of water, jump from its waterfalls and explore its natural slides!

Explore the best canyon in Val di Sole with an expert alpine guide: try the abseils, the descents and other canyoning techniques. A great adventure for begginers!

Suitable for everybody, even kids over 14 can experience the magic of Classic Canyon in Val di Sole.

Canyoning classic

70€ / each

Canyoning classic

70€ / each

Experience in the heart of the mountain: the baptism of canyoning.

a natural gorge carved by the torrent over millions of years
abseils, dives and slides in an uncontaminated environment
suitable for people aged 14 and over

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Canyoning Classic Ursus Adventures

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