Canyoning in Val di Sole

Canyoning in Val di Sole

  • activity with elements of hiking, climbing, and swimming
  • Combines mountaineering with river sports
  • Descents, dives and slides in natural pools
  • Suitable for everyone aged 14 and over
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Between abseils, dives and slides in natural pools

An incredible experience in the heart of the mountain

Canyoning is an exciting sport that combines elements of hiking, climbing, swimming, and often rope techniques in river environments or natural canyons. This discipline involves exploring narrow and deep gorges, where water flows through rocks and waterfalls, creating an adventurous and stimulating path.

The history of canyoning dates back to the 19th century when Swiss-French explorers and mountaineers began to explore the gorges and deep fissures of the Alps. However, canyoning as a recreational activity gained popularity only in the last few decades, expanding worldwide as a form of adventure accessible to a broader audience.

During a guided canyoning excursion led by an alpine guide, participants wear specific equipment such as wetsuits, helmets, and harnesses. The alpine guide is essential to ensuring safety and the proper execution of techniques required on the route. The canyonist finds themselves immersed in a spectacular natural environment, constantly challenged by double-rope descents, jumps into water pools, slides down natural slides, and swimming through water courses.

The emotions experienced during a canyoning outing are intense and varied. The combination of adrenaline and natural beauty creates a unique connection with the surrounding environment. The physical and mental challenge of overcoming natural obstacles creates a sense of personal achievement, while the sound of flowing water and the sight of rock walls shaped by nature add an element of wonder and awe.

Furthermore, canyoning offers the opportunity to experience nature in a more intimate way, exploring hidden and inaccessible corners that would otherwise remain unexplored. The safety provided by the alpine guide allows participants to fully focus on the experience, freeing them from worries and enabling them to immerse themselves completely in the adventurous context of the canyon.

All of this is canyoning , a sport that combines mountaineering with river sports.

It is about descending alpine streams with the techniques of rock climbing (abseils, use of ropes, harnesses and carabiners) which are combined with those of water activities.

We offer you this fascinating discipline in the best canyon of the Val di Sole, located on the slopes of the highest peaks in Trentino.

A natural, evocative and wild environment that will allow you to easily approach this sport: a real baptism of canyoning.

Our “Canyoning Classic” package will allow you to live an incredible experience, accompanied by a mountain guide, in complete safety. This activity is suitable for everyone aged 14 and over.

After half an hour of approaching on foot, the real adventure in the gorge will begin, with abseil points from several meters in height and jumps from 2 to 5 meters (depending on the conditions).

You will come out soaked… but incredibly satisfied!

Canyoning Classic

70€ per person

Canyoning Classic

70€ per person

Live an incredible experience in the heart of the mountain

  • an unforgettable experience in Val di Sole, Trentino
  • a natural gorge dug by the stream over millions of years
  • abseils, dives and slides in an uncontaminated environment
  • suitable for people aged 14 and over
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Canyoning in Val di Sole