Parapendio Biposto: vola sulle Dolomiti di Brenta

Tandem Paragliding

  • Fly with a paraglider over the Brenta Dolomites
  • Tame the wind
  • In tandem, accompanied by a professional pilot
  • Suitable for everyone, aged 10 and up
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Flying over the Brenta Dolomites

Tame the force of the wind

“Three, two, one… Run, run, run… Well, now sit back and enjoy the flight!”

You will fly in paragliding above the clouds, flying over the majestic Brenta Dolomites, admiring from high meadows, woods, and rocky walls of Trentino.

Flying is everyone’s dream. Turn the perspective upside down, detach yourself from the ground and rise to a height, to breathe that sense of freedom, that spirit of exploration. Obviously you will not be alone, but in the company of an expert guide who will give you the right information and instructions to face the flight in complete safety.

The tandem paragliding flight can be done by anyone who has the desire, from 10 years of age upwards. However, your weight must be between 40 and 110 kg.

You need curiosity and the desire to experience intense emotions, enthusiasm, but above all… you mustn’t suffer from vertigo.

You don’t need a particular predisposition or physical preparation and you can practice it in any season.

Come and discover tandem paragliding, a fantastic experience, done in complete safety, accompanied by a professional pilot.

In winter, we recommend suitable clothing: hat, gloves and scarf for the wind at high altitudes. It is also essential to wear a hiking boot, for departure and landing.

The experience lasts an hour and a half in total, all the necessary technical material (paraglider, harness and helmet) will be brought by the guide.

The price also includes photos and videos that will be taken during your adventure. The digital material will be immediately ready and will be delivered to you to be shared on social networks: please tag @ursusadventures!

Tandem Fly

150€ per person

Tandem Fly

150€ per person

Fly among the eagles in Val di Sole

  • for those who want to experience intense emotions
  • adrenaline in complete safety
  • with experienced and professional instructors
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Parapendio Biposto: vola sulle Dolomiti di Brenta