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Osserva gli animali selvatici in ambiente naturale

Wildlife Watching

  • In the Stelvio National Park
  • Trekking with an expert guide
  • Wildlife watching in a natural landscape
  • “Apericena” (cocktails and appetisers) in a typical mountan cabin
  • Return walk under the stars

Explore with us

Discovering animals in the woods

Try this wild experience with final in the cabin

Try this fantastic wild experience and then have an aperitif in a typical mountain cabin!

Dusk is usually the best time of day for viewing wild animals, as the wood gets quiet and calm.
And a silent wood at sunset is a secret of successful wildlife watching because most species get more active, as they feel protected by the evening light.
A local guide will take you to the places where you are most likely to see wild animals and at the same time he will explain you about the lives and habits of the animals you could encounter.

Get to know the inhabitants of the Stelvio National Park! Among the many animals you can expect to see in this area, deer is the king of the Park.
Whether wildlife watching has been successful or not, it’s a great and rewarding experience anyway: indeed, you’ll discover stunning landscapes you would never go to, and you’ll learn about the wood and its inhabitants.

Last but not least, you ‘ll have an “apericena” in a typical mountain cabin, where you can light a fire autonomously, thanks to the advise of our guide.

Give yourself an ancestral and magical experience with the support of Ursus Adventures Staff!

Observe the animals of the forest

50€ / each

Observe the animals of the forest

50€ / each

Live an incredible experience, where you can admire the alpine fauna moving freely in the woods

wild nature and true adventure
in the Stelvio National Park
with an experienced professional guide

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Cervi nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvi

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