Osserva gli animali selvatici in ambiente naturale

Wildlife watching

  • In the Stelvio National Park
  • Trekking accompanied by an expert guide
  • Observation of wild animals in the natural environment
  • Experience with unique emotions
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Discover the animals in the forest

Try this wild experience in contact with Nature

There are particular moments in the woods when the animals begin to move undisturbed in nature. The best hours to observe the fauna are especially the morning hours and at dusk. The animals feel safer and so they come out of the woods to look for food in the clearings and pastures at the edge of the woods, making themselves more easily observed.

And it will be precisely in these moments that you will be able to become a privileged observer of the life of the Alpine fauna, thanks to this fantastic experience in nature.

You will be accompanied by an expert “localguide who will tell you all the secrets of the forest and its animals, with Wildlife Watching!

But what is Wildlife Watching? It is about observing wildlife in its natural habitat. A full-blown adventure that we offer you in the Stelvio National Park, observing its hidden inhabitants.

You’ll be able to really admire a lot of wildlife, including the undisputed king of the Stelvio woods: the deer.

Your journey will take you to some isolated mountain huts, where you can enjoy a sweet moment offered by your guide. Every little noise will be a jolt… who knows what is hidden behind that fir tree!

A true ancestral and magical adventure that you can do in any season, with the support of the Ursus Adventures staff!

The result is not guaranteed because the animals are wild and are certainly not waiting for us, but the certainty is the positive emotions of the experience in empathy with the environment around us. Surely we will be able to find traces of their life and their passage. There are animals that are very easy to see (deer and roe deer) while others are real ghosts (bears, wolves, martens) whose presence, however, we will be able to discern with attention.

You can do this experience all year round, even in winter, when it will be much easier to discover animal tracks, such as the footprints they leave in the snow, their feces and the hair they lose with the change of season.

In the winter season some animals are already in hibernation while many others will be easily spotted.

Wildlife Discovery

50€ per person

Wildlife Discovery

50€ per person

Live an incredible experience, where you can admire the alpine fauna moving freely in the woods

  • observe the woodland fauna
  • wild nature and true adventure
  • in the Stelvio National Park
  • with an expert professional guide
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Osserva gli animali selvatici in ambiente naturale