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Tarzaning Val di Sole Trentino


  • Dry acrobatic canyoning
  • Tibetan bridges, ziplines and pulleys
  • A mix of various mountaineering activities
  • An amazing canyon just 15 minutes from our center

Let’s start!

Tarzaning: fly over a canyon!

You will fly over waterfalls, cross Tibetan bridges, launch yourself on ziplines and pulleys, in complete safety, with a harness and carabiners.

This aereal route will make you feel like Tarzan: grap ropes and zip-lines and fly over the “Velon Canyon”.

Come and try the dry acrobatic canyoning: no water, just fresh alpine breeze.

The canyon is at the foot of Mount Presanella, just 15 minutes far from the Center.

A professional guide will take you completely safly along this 2-hour exciting route made of rope bridges, zip-lines, pulleys, climbing and via ferrata.

Tarzaning Velon

70€ / per person

Tarzaning Velon

70€ / per person

Instead of lianas you’ll grap ropes and zip-lines in an aereal route that makes you feell like Tarzan. No water. No float.

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Tarzaning in Val di Sole Trentino

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