Tiro con l'arco in Trentino

Become William Tell

25€ per person

Discover the beauty of the flight of an arrow

  • strong component of balance and control
  • educates body and mind to work together
  • assisted by an instructor
  • 1 hour an 30 minutes activity
book Become William Tell

Become William Tell

Archery is discovering the beauty of arrow flight, the idea of ​​reaching the target first with the mind and only then with the arrow, experiencing the suspension of the senses in those few seconds that seem infinite.

Archery is a physical activity with a strong component of balance and control and another of play. During shooting, the body must remain balanced and maintaining a high postural control in all phases is essential.

Even mental resources play a decisive role in this sport, in relation to the management of anxiety and above all to the knowledge of one’s body.

Imagine finding yourself in a serene open field surrounded by green trees, with the gentle sound of the wind caressing the leaves. The sun illuminates the ground, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. In this enchanting setting, you are about to embark on an exciting archery experience, guided by an expert instructor.

The instructor, a passionate and skilled archer, will warmly welcome you, explaining the fundamental concepts of archery. They will provide you with a bow suitable for your physical strength and abilities, along with secure and well-balanced arrows. Before you begin releasing your first arrows, the instructor will guide you through a detailed explanation of the correct posture, bow grip, and aiming techniques.

After mastering the basics, you will stand facing the target, positioned at a reasonable distance. The instructor will assist you in fine-tuning your posture, ensuring that you maintain a stable and comfortable position. They will advise you on how to grip the bow and guide you through the action of drawing and releasing the string smoothly and effectively.

Concentrated and determined, you will release the first arrow. You will feel the tension of the bow, the slight tremor of your fingers on the string, and the moment when the arrow leaves the bow. Your heart will beat faster as the arrow heads towards the target. A moment of suspense, and then you will experience the satisfaction of seeing the arrow hit the target.

As you gain confidence, you will begin to feel a deeper connection between your body, the bow, and the target. The archery session will unfold with a combination of challenging and successful moments, but at every instance, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel comfortable in improving your skills. At the end of the session, you will experience a sense of accomplishment for learning a new skill under the guidance of a passionate instructor, immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 6 years

Period of the year

from May to September


1 hour 30 min

equipment provided

bow, armguard and arrows

Equipment to bring



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