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55€ per person

Experience a reconciling experience with Nature at night

  • trekking at dusk in Val di Sole
  • observation of the stars in the company of a mountain guide
  • in the most beautiful sky in Italy according to Astonomitalia
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Astrotrekking is a special, unusual, memorable adventure that you can experience all year round.

A nocturnal astronomical trek in Val di Sole, observing constellations and planets. Astro Trekking in Val di Sole is an experience that will take you away from the daily hustle and immerse you in a magical night of celestial observation and contemplation. Get ready to live an experience that will leave you breathless, leaving you with indelible memories of a night spent under the stars.

Val di Sole, nestled among the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, offers a breathtaking scenery during the day, but it is at night that it reveals its most magical side. Astro Trekking will lead you to isolated places far from city lights, giving you the opportunity to explore the starry sky in all its magnificence.

The locations where we can carry out this experience are diverse but all characterized by little light pollution and a surrounding peace. For example, we may choose to go to Forte Barbadifior in Val di Peio, or among the marshes of Campo Carlo Magno near Madonna di Campiglio. Or even at Passo del Tonale, in the woods of Folgarida with the destination Malga di Dimaro.

Alternatively, Valpiana and then, for the more adventurous, Malga del Doss above the ancient village of Ossana, which have been awarded the recognition “The Most Beautiful Skies in Italy” and are among the best places to observe the Stars and the Milky Way. From here, you can enjoy a unique view of the mountains and the underlying valley, in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, to reconnect directly with the sky and the earth.

Once night falls, guided by explanations from experienced guides, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful skies in Italy. During the trekking, look up to observe with a laser all the celestial objects that populate the sky in every season. The explanations from our guides will be immersive and will pique your curiosity for a night of true magic.

Val di Sole stands out as a destination of excellence for Astrotourism. AstroExperience can also be practiced in winter using snowshoes. In this case, we recommend comfortable and warm clothing and snow-appropriate boots.

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

all the year


3 hours

Equipment to bring

layered clothing - hiking boots - windproof jacket - hat and gloves - backpack


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