Bushcraft in Val di Sole: i segreti del bosco

Bushcraft Into the Wild

50€ per person

Learn to live in the wilderness without modern conveniences

  • discovering the knowledge of the forest
  • light a fire with only the help of a tinderbox
  • build an emergency shelter
  • activity completely in contact with nature
book Bushcraft Into the Wild

Bushcraft Into the Wild

Bushcraft, the ancient art of survival and communion with nature, offers a captivating journey that goes beyond mere survival techniques.

It is an experience that allows us to rediscover our primal connection to the surrounding environment, while simultaneously learning essential skills to live in harmony with nature.

With this activity we will teach you to light a fire with only the help of a flint and the material you find in nature, to build a shelter in case of emergency, to read and learn about the forest and its secrets.

Practical Knowledge: Bushcraft teaches us a wide range of practical skills, from fire-starting techniques without the use of matches or lighters to the art of building temporary shelters using natural materials. Learning to recognize edible plants, navigate without the aid of modern tools, and purify water are just some of the essential skills acquired through this practice.

Connection with Nature: One of the most profound experiences in Bushcraft is the intimate connection with nature. Through careful observation of the surrounding environment, a sense of awareness and respect for the natural world develops. By learning to read the signs left by wildlife, recognize elements of the landscape, and understand the language of nature, a unique bond is created with the surrounding environment.

Emotions and Authenticity: Bushcraft offers an opportunity to return to the roots, to experience life in a more authentic and immediate way. Through the accomplishment of daily activities without the support of modernity, a sense of fulfillment and self-sufficiency is experienced that goes beyond mere survival. The emotions that emerge from these experiences are authentic, connected to the land, and to natural rhythms.

Creativity and Adaptability: Bushcraft requires creativity and adaptability. The ability to use available resources efficiently, create rudimentary tools, and adapt to environmental challenges contributes to the development of a flexible and resilient mindset. These skills are not only useful in the wild but also translate into valuable resources for facing the challenges of everyday life.

An activity completely in contact with the immaculate nature of Trentino where cell phones and any other modern aid are prohibited. You will discover a new dimension with this fantastic new “into the wild” experience.

Activity suitable for everyone. The route will be adjusted on the basis of the participants.


Duration of 3 hours including theoretical lesson. Meeting 30 min before.

What’s included

We will deliver the following material in use included in the price:

  • knife/hatchet
  • tinderbox

You will have to show up with layered mountain clothing, backpack, water bottle, boots.

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

all the year


3 hours

equipment provided

flint - knives - other material

Equipment to bring

layered clothing - hiking boots - windproof jacket - hat and gloves - backpack


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