Escape Adventure “The Ritual of the Witches”

35€ per person

Solve the mystery of the witches!

  • An outdoor escape room among the corners of Coredo
  • captivating enigmas, puzzles, and logic games
  • in the beautiful Val di Non in Trentino
  • 120 minutes of memorable fun and play.
book Escape Adventure “The Ritual of the Witches”

Escape Adventure “The Ritual of the Witches”

Welcome to the breathtaking experience of the Escape Adventure “The Witches’ Rite” taking place within the fascinating village of Coredo in Val di Non. This engaging adventure will transport you to a magical and mysterious setting, where the winding streets and ancient houses of the village will become the perfect stage for your journey into the realm of witches.

The ghost of a young woman roams the village. In her past, she was accused of being a witch, but her fate and that of other girls were marked by an uncommitted crime. An ancient bond will unlock the doors to reveal a much bigger mystery. Are you ready to embark on this immersive and mysterious experience?

As you stroll along the narrow streets of the village, you will notice an atmosphere filled with mystery. The air will be thick with anticipation, and you will feel like you’ve entered another world, where the line between reality and magic becomes thin.

While exploring the village, you’ll need to keep your eyes wide open and activate your brain in search of hidden clues that will aid you in advancing through your adventure. You might come across an ancient spellbook that unveils hints to break the witches’ curse, or perhaps you’ll discover a secret potion that grants you access to new places.

Tension will mount as you get closer and closer to the witches’ lair. Only by solving the final riddles and unveiling the ultimate mystery will you be able to unlock the doors that lead you to victory. Your ability to collaborate, think logically, and engage in lateral thinking will be crucial to overcoming the challenges and succeeding in your mission.

Finally, once the final enigma is solved, magic will envelop you and lead you towards triumph.

“The Witches’ Escape” will offer you a unique experience, an exciting journey into an enchanted land, where magic and adventure intertwine. Let yourselves be immersed in the plot, explore the village, and put your intellectual skills to the test in this unforgettable challenge. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the witches and restore peace to the land?

Suitable for

adults and children > 13 years

Period of the year

all year


2 hours

equipment provided

app to download on your mobile phone

Equipment to bring

loaded mobile phone, comfortable shoes with good soles, backpack, water and layered clothing


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