Orienteering in un bosco del Trentino

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Have fun and learn with compass and topographic map

  • ideal for team building and schools
  • a very educational and fun activity at the same time
  • on foot, by mountain bike or with snowshoes
book Orienteering Game

Orienteering Game

Orienteering consists in carrying out a predefined route characterized by control points called “lanterns” (pole with punch) with the exclusive help of a compass and a topographic map > very detailed on a small scale that contains particulars of the place to be traveled. The place where orienteering takes place is the forest, any forest. It just needs to be mapped. It is a very educational and at the same time fun activity, where you can decide various game modes. For example, you can decide whether to play an “all against all” or split into teams and collaborate among the members of the group. Orienteering can be done all year round and in many situations. For example, you can ask to do it with a mountain bike, with snowshoes or in classic mode. Or in the “treasure hunt” variant where in the end the participants will enjoy a cheerful barbecue (only those who find the food along the way!)


Duration of 3 hours including theoretical lesson. Meeting 30 min before. Possibility to lengthen or shorten the duration of the activity based on requests.

What’s included

We will deliver the following material in use included in the price:

  • compass
  • map
  • map.

You will have to present yourself with mountain clothing, backpack, water bottle and a pair of shoes with a good sole.

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

from April to October


3 hours

equipment provided

compass and map

Equipment to bring

layered clothing - mountain boots - windbreaker - backpack