Orienteering in un bosco del Trentino

Orienteering Game

40€ per person

Have fun and learn with compass and topographic map

  • ideal for team building and schools
  • a very educational and fun activity at the same time
  • on foot, by mountain bike or with snowshoes
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Orienteering Game

Orienteering involves following a predetermined course marked by control points known as “lanterns” (stakes with punches), using exclusively a compass and a highly detailed, scaled-down topographic map that includes specific details of the area to navigate.

An experienced instructor will initially provide a theoretical session, delivering maps, explaining legends, contour lines, map orientation, and the objectives of the experience. This theoretical part serves as a preparation for the actual experience that will engage the group in an immersive activity between the inhabited areas and forests of Val di Sole in Trentino.

Orienteering is an ideal experience for schools, groups, and corporate team-building.

It significantly develops cognitive skills, demanding active mental participation to interpret maps, make timely decisions, and maintain orientation. This stimulates abilities such as map reading, problem-solving, and planning.

Constant concentration is required in orienteering to interpret the terrain and navigate through control points, contributing to the improvement of concentration and focus.

Orienteering practice fosters teamwork, structured as a group activity encouraging collaboration, communication, mutual trust, and shared problem-solving.

The need to tackle varied terrains and overcome unexpected challenges during orienteering promotes adaptability and real-time problem-solving skills, transferable to various situations in daily life and the corporate environment.

The outdoor experience during orienteering contributes to psychophysical well-being, providing a stimulating and diverse environment compared to enclosed settings common in many learning activities.

The adventurous element makes the experience engaging and motivating for participants, increasing active participation and enthusiasm.

The presence of control points allows performance measurement, providing objective feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Finally, orienteering’s versatility allows adaptation to different contexts and disciplines, making it suitable for educational programs and corporate team-building activities.

Orienteering can be conducted throughout the year and in various situations. For example, it can be done with mountain biking, snowshoes, or in the classic mode. Alternatively, participants can engage in a “treasure hunt” variant, culminating in a cheerful barbecue (for those who find items during the course).

The duration of the experience may vary based on requests, with a typical range of 2 to 3 hours, including the theoretical part. Participants should arrive 30 minutes before the activity begins. The duration can be adjusted based on specific requests.

Included in the price are materials for use: compass, map, and topographic chart.

Participants should come prepared with mountain attire, a backpack, a water bottle, and a pair of shoes with a good sole.

Suitable for

schools, groups and team building

Period of the year

from April to October


2/3 hours

equipment provided

compass and map

Equipment to bring

layered clothing - mountain boots - windbreaker - backpack


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