Kids Paintball

25€ a bambino

colore e divertimento

  • paintball for children aged 6 to 13 years old
  • depowered pump-action markers
  • 200 shots included and 2 hours of fun
  • marker, chest protector, mask, and neck guard included

Kids Paintball

Welcome to the brand-new paintball field nestled in the picturesque Val di Sole, located in Ossana, Trentino. The paintball activity for children aged 6 to 13 is an exciting and safe experience that allows young adventurers to enjoy an unforgettable day in the great outdoors.

Paintball Field: The paintball field has been designed with children in mind, featuring specially created scenarios to ensure both fun and safety. With a combination of natural cover and obstacles, the field provides an engaging setting for the paintball adventures of the younger participants.

Depowered Pump Action Rifles: Safety is our priority. Children will be equipped with depowered pump-action rifles, allowing for engaging gameplay without compromising safety. These rifles are designed to shoot paint projectiles at a reduced speed, ensuring a fun and secure gaming experience.

Safety Gear: Each participant will wear a full-face protective mask to ensure facial safety during the game. Additional protective gear such as chest protectors and neck guards will also be provided.

Safety Briefing: Before the activity begins, all participants and their parents will attend a safety briefing conducted by instructors. This briefing will cover basic rules and safety procedures to be followed during the game.

Game Modes:

Capture the Flag: Divided into teams, children will try to capture the opponent’s flag and bring it to their own field without getting hit.
Elimination: A classic challenge where the goal is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with paint projectiles.
Treasure Hunt: Hide and seek! A fun variation where children will search for a hidden treasure on the field, trying to avoid defense from opponents.


The duration of a paintball game may vary based on the group’s preferences and the selected game mode. The field is available for 2 hours, providing a perfect balance between intense action and extended enjoyment. Be cautious about using the paintballs appropriately; otherwise, the game ends immediately!

There is an option to book the field exclusively (additional €5 per person) and extend the duration by 1 hour (additional €15).
Additional paintballs can be purchased during the game: 500 rounds – €20, 1000 rounds – €35, 2000 rounds – €60.

What’s Included:

Marker (Paintball Rifle): We provide depowered markers suitable for children aged 6 to 13, completely safe and functional for every participant.
Protective Mask, Chest Protector, and Neck Guard: Safety is our priority, so each participant will receive a protective mask for the eyes and face.
Paintballs: We will supply the necessary paintballs for your game (200 balls per child). We ensure the use of biodegradable paintballs to preserve the environment. Additional refills can be purchased upon request during the experience.
Instructions and Briefing: Before the game starts, our experienced staff will provide detailed instructions on safety rules and game modes.
Referee: There is always a referee present to regulate gameplay and ensure the proper execution of behavior rules within the field and the safety zone.

What to Bring:

Sportswear: Dress in comfortable and sporty clothing. We recommend long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect the skin from paintball impacts.
Gym or Hiking Shoes: Make sure to wear comfortable shoes suitable for the rugged terrain of the paintball field.
Gloves: Lightweight gloves can provide extra protection for the hands during the game. We have them available upon request (additional €5 per person).

Additional Services:

After the paintball adventure, you can use changing rooms with hot showers, picnic areas, a bar, and relaxation spaces to recharge and share the emotions experienced during the day.

Prepare for an exciting day of strategy, action, and fun in the heart of Trentino, where children can have an unforgettable paintball adventure immersed in the beauty of Val di Sole.

Suitable for

Children aged 6 to 13 years old

Period of the year

from april to october


2 hours

equipment provided

Marker with 200 included paintballs, protective mask, chest protector, and neck guard

Equipment to bring

Sportswear, athletic shoes


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Kids Paintball

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