Ursus Paintball

30€ per person

Have fun in good company

  • Challenge your friends in a hilarious activity
  • Rifle with 250 paintballs, mask, chest protector, and neck guard included
  • 2 hours of fun in the brand-new paintball field
  • ideal for groups of friends and bachelor/bachelorette parties
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Ursus Paintball

Crazy Paintball Adventure in Trentino: live the thrill of Paintball Val di Sole!

Join us for a fantastic paintball adventure in Trentino, at the new field in Ossana with Ursus Adventures. Paintball in Val di Sole with Ursus Adventures is a safe, fun, and engaging experience.

Paintball is the perfect way to release daily stress and immerse yourself in an engaging experience. The tension while waiting for the perfect shot, the adrenaline flowing during crucial moments of the game, and the satisfaction of a strategic victory make every moment unforgettable. Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of a game that combines skill, intuition, and teamwork.

Game Modes:

At Ursus Adventures, we offer a variety of game modes designed to fit every player or event. Whether you’re beginners or experienced veterans, you’ll find challenges and fun suitable for every level. From classic elimination games to capture the flag, to custom scenarios that stimulate strategic creativity, every game is unique. Here are some specially designed game possibilities for you:

  1. Elimination: Classic and engaging, the goal is to eliminate opponents by hitting them with your paintballs.
  2. Capture the Flag: A tactical experience where you must reach the opponent’s base and steal their flag without getting hit.
  3. Speedball: The goal is to reach the opponent’s position in the shortest time possible. If a player is hit, they are eliminated from the game and return to the field only at the beginning of the next match.
  4. Zone Domination: A test of skill and territory control where teams compete for specific areas of the field, earning points with their presence.
  5. Fortress Assault: An epic challenge where one team defends a strategic position while the other tries to conquer it.
  6. Leader Escort: Each team selects a “leader” who remains anonymous to opponents. The goal is to escort the leader to the opposite field without getting hit. If hit, players are eliminated and must leave the game; if the leader is hit, the entire team is eliminated.
  7. Free-for-All: Chaotic and thrilling, a free-for-all where survival is the only rule.
  8. One Against All: Ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties or birthdays. Essentially a one-against-all scenario where the lucky “chosen one” must eliminate all opponents within a set time. The chosen one is immune to hits, while everyone else is eliminated once hit.


The duration of a paintball game can vary based on the group’s preferences and the selected game mode. The field is available for 2 hours, offering a perfect balance between intense action and prolonged fun. Be careful to use the paintballs appropriately, or the game ends immediately! Exclusive field reservation (+ €5 per person) and extending the duration by 1 hour (+ €15) are possible.

Additional services:

During the game, you can purchase additional paintballs: 500 rounds – €20, 1000 rounds – €35, 2000 rounds – €60.

What’s included:

  • Marker (Paintball Gun): Quality and completely safe markers are provided for each participant.
  • Protective Mask, Vest, and Neck Protector: Safety is our priority, so each participant receives a protective mask for eyes and face.
  • Paintballs: We provide the necessary paintballs for your game (250 balls per person), ensuring the use of biodegradable paintballs to preserve the environment. Additional refills are available upon request.
  • Instructions and Briefing: Before the game starts, our experienced staff provides detailed instructions on safety rules and game modes.
  • Referee: An arbitrator is always present to regulate gameplay and ensure the correct execution of behavior rules within the field and safety zone.

What to bring:

  • Sportswear: Dress comfortably in sportswear. We recommend long pants and long sleeves to protect the skin from paintball impacts.
  • Sneakers or Hiking Shoes: Ensure you wear comfortable shoes suitable for the rugged terrain of the paintball field.
  • Gloves: Lightweight gloves can provide extra protection for hands during the game. We have them available upon request (+ €5 per person).

Additional Services:

After the paintball adventure, you can use changing rooms with hot showers, picnic areas, a bar, and relaxation spaces to recharge and share the emotions experienced during the day.

Are you ready to dive into an adventure that combines competition, strategy, and fun? Join us at Ursus Adventures at the new field in Ossana, Val di Sole, and get ready to create extraordinary memories in one of the most enchanting places in Italy. Contact us now to book your paintball adventure in the heart of Trentino!

Suitable for

over 14 years old

Period of the year

from april to october


2 hours

equipment provided

Marker with 250 included paintballs, protective mask, chest protector, and neck guard

Equipment to bring

Sportswear, sneakers


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