Vioz dal Doss

Lightcatcher evening

90€ per person

Phototrekking at sunset with a view of the Stelvio National Park.

  • the baptism of sunset photography
  • phototrekking accompanied by a nature photographer
  • in Ossana in the “most beautiful sky in Italy”
  • in Val di Sole – Trentino

Lightcatcher evening

The “golden hour” in photography identifies a particular light condition, which allows you to take incredible photographs. Usually these conditions occur just before sunset and sunrise.

The golden hour is characterized by a very delicate and diffused light and occurs when the sun is very low on the horizon. In these particularly favorable light conditions, the best photographs of the day can be taken.

With a professional photographer you will be able to discover the tricks to best capture these magical moments, in front of a natural balcony overlooking the Stelvio National Park.

Once the sun has set, you will enjoy an original aperitif based on typical products and good spring water.

Finally, you will discover the beauty of the night sky and you will be able to photograph it in the splendid scenery of Malga dal Doss in Ossana in Val di Sole, considered one of the best places in Italy for observing the stars.

The adventure ends with a night descent with headlamps: a new experience in the woods at night where all noises are amplified as well as emotions.


  • Meeting in Ossana at the URSUS ADVENTURES center and ascent by own car to Val Piana.
  • Easy evening excursion of about an hour (400m in altitude) towards the Malga del Doss where a typical aperitif and a photo session with the advice of a professional photographer will await us in the light of sunset
  • We will photograph the landscape of Val di Sole and Pejo with the magnificent peak of Mount Vioz at sunset (3644 m). With the first lights of the night we will begin to observe and photograph the sky, discovering the charm of the celestial vault, the stars and the planets. A telescope will be available for observation.
  • Return with the front lights for the ascent route.

Suitable for

photography enthusiasts and curious with a great desire for adventure

Period of the year

from April to October


about 4 hours at sunset with return at night

equipment provided

binoculars, observation equipment and headlamps

Equipment to bring

camera or cellphone equipment, backpack, layered clothing


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Lightcatcher evening

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