The bellowing of the Deer

299€ per person

Hear the power of the forest and photograph the king.

  • from the end of September to mid-October
  • sunrise and sunset photography treks
  • in the company of a professional photographer
  • 1 night in a mountain hut in the Stelvio National Park

The bellowing of the Deer

Autumn in Val di Pejo is magical. The woods are colored in a thousand shades and the air becomes crisp. Every year in this period, between the end of September and mid-October, the voice of the king of the woods: the deer resounds.

During this period, in fact, one can easily witness the bellowing, a particular courtship ritual of the deer , ungulates with crepuscular habits that can be observed in the clearings at the edge of the wood.

The strongest and healthiest males challenge each other to conquer all the hinds by roaring (a very particular, deep and powerful verse). And, if the roar is not enough, the contenders move on to physical confrontation, horn against horn. Their goal is to control as many females as possible with which to reproduce, defending them from possible contenders.

The bellowing of the deer awakens incredible emotions in those who listen to it, a sensation between fear and wonder.

In Val di Pejo, in the Stelvio National Park (Val di Sole-Trentino) you can fully enjoy this real natural spectacle. Especially at dusk and dawn the deer duel in a ritual made up of powerful and continuous calls.

This allows you to easily observe these ungulates, being careful not to disturb them in a fundamental moment of their life.

With the photographic equipment in our possession we will easily be able to see them and photograph them during their fights .


  • Meeting at 3 pm in Pejo village
  • Easy hike to Masi Zampil and Masi Vallenaia. During the walk we will stop to learn to observe the signs of the animals and to look for them with binoculars and a telescope.
  • 18.00 arrival at the hut. Before dinner, a short photographic screening on the fauna of the park, how to recognize it and how to behave. The ethics of the naturalist and the nature photographer.
  • Self-organized log cabin dinner.
  • 21:00 1-hour night outing to observe and listen to the fauna of the forest. During the exit we will be able to hear the bellowing of the deer.
  • Overnight in a mountain hut.
  • Wake up early (5:30 am) to go out to observe and photograph the deer in love. A simple excursion awaits us, equipped with binoculars and a camera. With a little luck we will be able to observe the deer and hear its loud roar.
  • 8:30/9:00 return to the hut and breakfast.
  • 11:00 return to Pejo.

Suitable for

people who love true nature

Period of the year

from the end of September to mid-October


from 15:00 to 11:00

equipment provided

binoculars and observation equipment

Equipment to bring

Photographic equipment, backpack and sleeping bag


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The bellowing of the Deer

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