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Rafting & Asado

105€ per person

An exclusive proposal of Adventure and Sharing

  • Rafting Descent + Aperitivo + Asado
  • A unique proposal of adventure, camaraderie, and cultural fusion
  • with the rafting guides of Ursus Adventures
  • An original and extraordinary experience

Rafting & Asado

Welcome to a unique experience with Ursus Adventures – Rafting & Asado in Val di Sole! Get ready for an unforgettable evening that combines the thrill of rafting with the warmth of an authentic South American Asado.

We’ll kick off our adventure with a twilight rafting descent along the exciting waters of the Noce River. The atmosphere will change with the sunset, adding a magical touch to this memorable experience. Under the expert guidance of our guides from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Costa Rica, you’ll navigate the rapids with safety and enjoyment.

After the descent, we’ll meet at our cozy Ursus Bar for a relaxing aperitivo. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences with the guides, enjoying a friendly and informal atmosphere.

But the evening doesn’t end here! A unique culinary experience awaits you with an authentic South American Asado, prepared by the skilled hands of our expert guides. High-quality meat grilled to perfection, accompanied by delicious side dishes, will let you savor the authentic flavors of South American tradition.

However, the magic of this evening isn’t just in the exceptional gastronomy; during dinner, our guides will share their stories and adventures experienced in the most incredible rivers worldwide. You’ll hear exciting tales that will virtually transport you to extraordinary places, making you feel an integral part of their unique adventures.

This Rafting & Asado proposal is an exclusive opportunity offered only by Ursus Adventures. A perfect blend of adventure, gastronomy, and sharing unique stories, making every moment of this experience special and unforgettable.

The rafting descent starts from our center in Ossana. After a brief theoretical lesson and some dry runs, our guides will accompany you through the initial stretch, characterized by breathtaking landscapes and views.

From here, the level of difficulty increases as you head towards the Mezzana rapids, the venue for numerous European and world kayaking and rafting events. After navigating through these Grade IV rapids, you will reach Piano di Commezzadura, where the river becomes gentler, guiding you through waves and splashes until the end of the route in Dimaro, after nearly 2 hours.

In the event of particular weather conditions and/or low or high water levels in the river, the navigated stretch may undergo modifications.

This offer is available for groups of at least 10 people. Come and join us, be part of this extraordinary evening!

Suitable for

groups of at least 10 people

Period of the year

from may to september


4 hours

equipment provided

3mm wetsuit - waterproof jacket - life jacket - helmet - paddle

Equipment to bring

Swimsuit - Microfiber T-shirt - Water shoes - Change of clothes


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Rafting & Asado

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