Rafting Marathon, la discesa più lunga del fiume Noce in Val di Sole con Ursus Adventures

Rafting Marathon

89€ per person

The longest rafting descent in Val di Sole

  • the longest rafting descent on the Noce River in Val di Sole
  • 100% adrenaline and adventure
  • over 3 hours of rafting with unique views
  • 25 km descent on the Noce in Trentino
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Rafting Marathon

Rafting Marathon is the longest rafting descent on the Noce River in Val di Sole. Our descent covers the entire upper and lower stretches of the Noce River, from Cusiano to Dimaro and then from Monclassico to Ponte Stori.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure with the Rafting Marathon descent in Val di Sole, an epic journey that spans the entire Noce River. This is the ideal experience for adrenaline enthusiasts and those seeking an unparalleled challenge.

The Rafting Marathon descent offers a unique journey through the tumultuous waters of the Noce River, from the upper stretch to the lower stretch, covering the entire breathtaking landscape of Val di Sole. Confront the most spectacular rapids, including the “slalom field” rapid, the “purifier” rapid, the “wooded gorges,” the “thousand holes,” the “Three Mountains,” the “Castle” rapid, the “Pyramids” rapid, and the “Ponte Stori” rapid. A comprehensive experience that ensures endless thrills and an intense connection with wild nature.

The Rafting Marathon descent is a journey of endurance and discovery. Three and a half hours of pure fun, adrenaline, and spectacular views, suitable only for those seeking an intense and memorable experience. Guided by the experienced rafting guides of Ursus Adventures, you’ll be in good hands to face the challenges of the river and live an adventure that will be etched in your memory.

Three and a half hours of adventure in an experience that will make you feel alive, immersed in an incredible and pristine environment. 25 km of adrenaline, waves, freshness, and fun. All complemented by the professionalism and friendliness of our rafting guides with international experience.

Rafting descent suitable for adults and teenagers from 14 years old. Ideal for those with good physical condition, have already experienced rafting, and want to have full-on fun.

We will provide you with the following equipment included in the price: 3mm wetsuit, waterproof jacket, life jacket, helmet, paddle. All equipment is sanitized before and after each descent.

You should come with a swimsuit, preferably a synthetic or microfleece t-shirt, spare athletic shoes (rafting barefoot or in flip-flops/slippers is not allowed), and a change of clothes.

The duration of the rafting descent is approximately three and a half hours, including equipment delivery, theoretical lesson, and transportation. The navigated stretch and the duration of the descent may vary depending on river conditions.

In case of particular weather conditions and/or low or high water river conditions, the navigated stretch may undergo modifications. However, fun will be undoubtedly guaranteed.

The meeting point is set 45 minutes before the departure time in Ossana, Val di Sole – Trentino.

Suitable for

adults > 14 years

Period of the year

from May to September


3 hours and a half

equipment provided

3 mm wetsuit - water jacket - life jacket - helmet - paddle

Equipment to bring

bathing suit - microfibre t-shirt - shoes that get wet - change


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