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Night Trekking

40€ per person

Walk at night in the woods in a magical setting

  • in the Stelvio National Park
  • the fascination of moving in the dark
  • with a professional guide

Night Trekking

Who said you have to stay home at night? We at Ursus Adventures, being a bit wild, behave like animals. We like to move at night. In fact, when the “normal” bipeds are holed up in the warmth of their houses, we enjoy the forest in all its tranquillity.

At night every noise is amplified, everything is peace, slowness, emotion. Most of the animals roam around at night. The deer and roe deer enjoy the pastures, the night birds wake up, the wolves go on patrol and the bears… well, those are always on the lookout for food but they are mostly vegetarians.

We of this world appreciate everything and we want to explain it to nature lovers in an intimate experience of contact with the mountains.

A trek in the Stelvio National Park at night is a real “wow experience” of the Val di Sole in Trentino.

Accompanied by an expert guide you can safely venture into the woods at night, a situation you will remember for a long time.

An exciting 2 and a half hour tour under the supervision and assistance of a mountain professional who will be able to explain the nature, fauna and flora of the area as well as the alpine culture. Strictly in the moonlight.


Duration of 2 and a half hours. Meeting 15 min before. Possibility to lengthen or shorten the duration of the activity based on requests.


Show up with mountain clothing, kway, backpack, water bottle and a pair of shoes with a good sole. You will be provided with a headlamp by your guide before the experience departs.

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

from April to October


2 and a half hours

equipment provided

faceplate batteries

Equipment to bring

layered clothing - mountain boots - windbreaker - backpack


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Night Trekking

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