Cervi nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvi

Observe the animals of the forest

50€ per person

Live an incredible experience, where you can admire the alpine fauna moving freely in the woods

  • wild nature and true adventure
  • in the Stelvio National Park
  • with an expert professional guide
book Observe the animals of the forest

Observe the animals of the forest

You will breathe wild nature and true wilderness!

A full-blown adventure to discover the hidden life of the woods. An activity in which you will discover a real hidden world that surrounds us, silent but always present, in our mountains rich in biodiversity.

After an initial briefing where you will be explained the type of excursion, the tracks we will use to identify the animals and their dens, we will set off in action to discover the Stelvio National Park in Val di Peio Trentino.

After a short stretch on a dirt forest road we will immerse ourselves in the thick of the wood, approaching it in a gentle and delicate way, avoiding creating stress on the fauna itself.

Here you will discover, accompanied by an expert “local” guide, all the secrets of the Stelvio National Park and its hidden inhabitants.

You will observe a lot of fauna including probably the king of the Stelvio woods: the deer.

After about 2 hours of walking, you will arrive at some beautiful and isolated mountain huts where you can enjoy a sweet treat.

It will be a real adventure in complete safety thanks to the support of the Ursus Adventures staff!

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

tutto l'anno


3 hours

equipment provided


Equipment to bring

layered clothing - mountain boots - windbreaker - backpack