Cervi nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvi

Wildlife Discovery

50€ per person

Live an incredible experience, where you can admire the alpine fauna moving freely in the woods

  • observe the woodland fauna
  • wild nature and true adventure
  • in the Stelvio National Park
  • with an expert professional guide
book Wildlife Discovery

Wildlife Discovery

If you are passionate about nature and wish to experience an enthralling journey discovering the wildlife of the forest, Trentino is the ideal destination for you. An exceptional adventure awaits you, immersed in the pristine beauty of the Trentino woods, inhabited by a variety of fascinating creatures. You will breathe in the wild nature and true wilderness!

Welcome to an unforgettable naturalistic exploration in the heart of Trentino, where biodiversity meets the magic of the woods. This experience will lead you to secluded and tranquil places, allowing you to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

A genuine wild experience awaits, uncovering the hidden life of the woods. An activity where you will discover a true hidden world surrounding us, silent yet ever-present, in our mountains rich in biodiversity.

After an initial briefing explaining the type of excursion, the tracks we will use to identify animals and their burrows, we will embark on an action-packed discovery of the Stelvio National Park in Val di Peio, Trentino.

After a short stretch on an unpaved forest road, we will immerse ourselves in the heart of the woods, approaching gently and delicately to avoid causing stress to the wildlife.

This naturalistic observation experience in Trentino will not only be an educational adventure but also an opportunity to reconnect authentically with nature. Let yourself be inspired by the secrets of the forest, the sounds of wildlife, and the beauty of this pristine corner of Trentino. Experience the magic of encountering woodland animals in their natural habitat, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Guided by a local expert, you will discover all the secrets of the Stelvio National Park and its hidden inhabitants.

Visiting a natural environment, even one rich in biodiversity, does not always guarantee direct observation of wildlife. Animals are elusive and exhibit cautious behavior towards humans. Even in the presence of abundant wildlife, animals may prefer to remain hidden or distant to avoid disturbance or perceive potential threats.

The presence of animals in a specific location can vary significantly depending on seasonal conditions, time of day, and environmental dynamics. For example, some animals are more active at dawn or dusk, making observation more challenging during other hours.

Habitat and wildlife conservation are a priority for Ursus Adventures. Therefore, we strive to minimize the negative impacts of our experience on the environment and wildlife, seeking your important contribution in terms of respect and silence.

While visiting natural environments provides an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty, observing wildlife remains an experience dependent on a combination of natural and behavioral factors that can vary significantly. Patience, environmental respect, and an understanding of animal habits are crucial to increase the chances of wildlife observation during a nature hike.

The activity lasts approximately 3 hours and can also be conducted at night with an additional fee of €20.00 per person. Groups will be small, with no more than 8 people. It will be a true adventure in complete safety, thanks to the support of the Ursus Adventures staff!

Suitable for

adults and families with children > 10 years

Period of the year

tutto l'anno


3 hours

equipment provided


Equipment to bring

layered clothing - mountain boots - windbreaker - backpack


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