Immerse yourself in the epic adventure of archery, where every arrow shot brings you one step closer to becoming a legendary archer!

You will feel the thrill of the bow being stretched, the throb of the heart as the arrow flies towards its destiny and the adrenaline rush of hitting the centre.

This experience will offer you not only a new skill, but also a moment of true connection with nature and yourself.


Don't miss a single detail of this unique experience!

Duration: 1,5 hours

Period: May to September

Where: Ossana - Val di Sole

Equipment provided: bow, arm guard and arrows

Equipment to bring: sportswear

Suitable for: adults and families with children > 6 years old


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Ursus Adventures

Via di Sotto Pila, 6 - 38026
Ossana (TN)
Tel: 0463 636175