Foraging turns into an epic adventure with Ursus Adventures, where you explore the wilderness in search of food, learning to recognise delicious herbs, fruits and mushrooms.

This experience not only connects you deeply with the environment, but also teaches you how to be a conscious custodian of the earth.

Each season reveals new treasures, turning food into a sensory and emotional journey that rediscovers the ancestral connection with nature.


Don't miss a single detail of this unique experience!

Duration: 4 hours


  • May - September
  • April - June
  • July - September

Equipment to bring: hiking boots, layered mountain clothing, rucksack, water, knife, basket

Suitable for: 14 years old


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Ursus Adventures

Via di Sotto Pila, 6 - 38026
Ossana (TN)
Tel: 0463 636175