bushcraft in val di sole

Team building Bushcraft

42€ + iva per person

  • discover the secrets of the forest as a team: you, the mountain, and the spirit of adaptation
  • it helps to develop all potential and talents, promotes sharing and team decision-making
  • experience basic survival techniques while having fun
  • with professional mountain guide
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    Team building Bushcraft

    The mountain, the forest, the strictly necessary equipment and all your potential and talents. These are the only elements that will allow you to overcome this experience.

    The bushcraft experience allows you to challenge your limits and have fun at the same time. It offers the opportunity to experience basic survival techniques and to discover the secrets in the woods.

    In 4 hours you will be able to light a fire with a flint using natural materials, build yourself or find a natural shelter and get your bearings.

    Ideal for team building – you will light a fire with the tinderbox and natural materials – promotes sharing and decision-making in a team – into the wild activity


    Duration of 4 hours including theoretical lesson and transfer. Meeting 15 min before. Possibility to lengthen or shorten the duration of the activity based on requests.

    What’s included

    We will deliver the knife and flintlock included in the price. You will be assisted by instructors. You will have to present yourself with mountain clothing, backpack, water bottle and a pair of shoes with a good sole.