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  • Three amazing mountain groups: Ortles Cevedale, Adamello-Presanella and Brenta Dolomites
  • From 700 mt to 3700 mt of the highest peaks
  • More than 100 alpine lakes
  • 13 villages and many hamlets
  • The paradise for outdoor activities: , skiing, trekking, rafting and more.

Scopri la Valle

Mountains, lakes and natural parks

Val di Sole boasts a unique scenery: the majestic peaks of Adamello, Presanella and Ortles-Cevedale, forests, glaciers, lakes, steams, mountain dairies and stunning views.

A large part of the valley is protected by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and by the Stelvio National Park.

Water is the main protagonist of the valley, as there are more than 100 alpine lakes, thanks to the presence of perennial snow and glaciers that constitutes an inexhaustible source of water.
The valley covers an area of ​​about 610 km² and has a resident population of about 15 thousand people.

The mountain villages

In Val di Sole there are 13 mountain villages and a lot of beautiful hamlets. Some of them are located on the valley floor whereas others are clinging to the mountain side.

These villages are small pearls, enchanting places to be discovered and known. They are places rich in history and tradition: you can walk along the streets of the historic centers and discover the fascinating corners they guard.

The villages to be discovered are: Caldes, Cavizzana, Commezzadura, Croviana, Dimaro Folgarida, Folgarida, Malè, Mezzana Marilleva, Ossana, Passo Tonale, Peio, Pellizzano, Rabbi, Terzolas, Vermiglio.

What to do in Val di Sole

Val di Sole is a paradise for outdoor activities: rafting, skiing, trekking, snowshoeing, etc. Water is the main protagonist of the valley and River Noce, deemed by National Geographic as one of the top ten rivers in the world for rafting, is host to international water sport competitions.

Val di Sole is also where the MTB World Championship takes place; thus, there are a lot of various tracks for enthusiasts to try: from the Val di Sole cycling path along the Noce to the excursions for experienced bikers up to the mountain peaks.
In winter Val di Sole offers everything ski-lovers could want. The Folgarida-Marilleva ski area is connected to Campiglio and Pinzolo, forming an immense area of slopes of more than 150km2.

The Dolomiti Express is the little train that connects the Trento railway stations with Malè, Daolasa, Dimaro and Marilleva, and to the ski lifts: it is the only example in Italy of direct interchange between rail and cable car.

What to see in Val di Sole

Whatever the season, the Rabbi and Peio valleys — the areas of the Stelvio National Park within Trentino — offer up unforgettable colours: the silent white of winter, the verdant green of spring, the turquoise of Alpine lakes in summer and the red of the foliage in autumn.
Val di Rabbi is one of Trentino’s most beautiful valleys, thanks to its pristine-kept natural environment, most of which is included within the boundaries of the Stelvio National Park. An easy road running along the banks of the crystal-clear, tumultuous and fish-rich Rabbies stream, winds up the entire valley for about 12 km – starting at 800 m a.s.l. and ending at 1,400.

Another impressive spot is the San Michele Castle – named after the saint to whom the chapel was dedicated – or Castello di Ossana was built on an almost inaccessible spur of rock.
A very particular village is Pejo. Located in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, Peio is surrounded by some of the highest peaks of Trentino: Cevedale (3764 m.), Palon de la Mare (3703 m.), Vioz (3644 m.) and San Matteo (3684 m.). Here visitors enjoy an array of trekking routes perfect both for families and experts.
As for villages, Ossana is the political, administrative and ecclesiastical centre of the upper Val di Sole, and it is the seat of the Municipality, which includes the villages of Fucine and Cusiano.

The town is overlooked by the Torre del Castello di S. Michele (1191), a tower built up on a hill inhabited since the Bronze Age.
Obviously, we can finally suggest rafting, which you can do with us at Ursus Adventures on River Noce. This river is the best place for rafting in Italy, as it has been named by National Geographic as the best river in Europe for the practice of river sports. A rafting experience in Trentino is an unforgettable adventure for everyone!

Gastronomic Culture

Country tradition, genuine flavours and mountain cooking: these are the secret ingredients of the typical dishes you can enjoy in Val di Sole.
Here, in our mountain dairies and in little businesses, we make dairy products: yogurt, butter and especially cheese, like Casolét, a typical soft mountain cheese, or Trentingrana and many local varieties. Artisan butchers all over the valley follow ancient recipes to make tasty sausages, salami and other cured meats that include luganega, speck and pancetta.

If you want to aste a typical recipe, let’s start with strangolapreti, gnocchi made with bread, spinach, and bladder campion or other wild herbs. They are called strangolapreti, or “priest chokers” because they are pretty sticky and tend to stick to the palate when you eat them. An excellent dish also for the summer, if served with a lighter sauce, even one made with vegetables.

Another important typical dish is the potato pie, or torta de patate in our dialect. Simple and with few ingredients, our grandmothers cooked it in a wood oven and accompanied it with the meats and cheeses that they produced in the family business.

Excellent dish to enjoy in company, if you want to try a particular but effective combination, spread the cranberry jam on it, we guarantee!

The queen of our gastronomic culture is Polenta. A filling polenta dish topped with pan-fried fresh luganega sausage, local cheese and a knob of butter used to be served on its own, because it is basically a meal on a plate. The original recipe calls for cooking in the special polenta pan called a paröl, but any pan will do and if you are in a hurry, you can even use instant polenta. Only true connoisseurs will be able to tell the difference.

The Thermal Baths

If you are not a sports enthusiast but just a lover of relaxation, Val di Sole certainly has interesting alternatives for you and your family.

Indeed, you can enjoy some moments of well-being both at the Thermal Baths of Pejo and at the Thermal Baths of Rabbi.

The two spas, in addition to being curative, also offer wellness programs for mind and body with packages designed for your needs.

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