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Because we like teamwork

Our fellow adventurers!

Because we like teamwork

We want to introduce you to our fellow adventurers who support us, follow us and work with us to offer you an ever better experience!

To be able to carry out the many experiences in Nature that we offer, we need reliable travel companions who believe in us and share our principles: respect for the territory, for people, for the living beings that surround us.

They chose us, indeed we chose each other after getting to know each other thoroughly, tried, tested. What binds us are not simple sponsorship contracts, but a common life path and values.

Here they are, we want to introduce them to you but above all to recommend them to you. For what they do but above all for how they do it…

Columbia Sportswear®

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear is an international outdoor brand that produces clothing for an active lifestyle, based on cutting-edge technologies and environmentally friendly. The apparel, footwear and accessories reflect the Pacific Northwest’s heritage and indomitable spirit.

Columbia has been dressing the Ursus Adventures team for many years and supports them in every season and weather condition. The materials supplied are all technologically very advanced, functional and at the same time are produced respecting Nature.

In each of our experiences and adventures, Columbia supports us and comes to the rescue with its super clothing and footwear. Dress up with its functional and comfortable products (they’re also very cool!) and you’ll discover that the Outdoor is finally for everyone!

Novi Chocolate

Producing high quality chocolate, respecting tradition, has always been Novi’s goal and mission. Territory, quality, passion and tradition are the values ​​that inspire them and guide them every day to satisfy consumers.

The Novi, Elah and Dufour brands are the expression of a territory that has a long confectionery tradition and has always produced quality ingredients. A company linked to its land and its people who want to continue to maintain its authenticity, participating in its growth and development.

Novi supports us by giving a sweet memory to all the people who carry out activities with Ursus Adventures. After each experience, a fantastic and excellent chocolate will await you to make the memory of the adventure just ended even sweeter.


The story is important. It tells the identity of a company, its roots and its solidity. But history, for a company that looks to its future, is above all that which has not yet been written. And he talks about the new projects and new dreams with which he wants to continue to grow.

Athena was founded in 1973 as an artisan company specializing in industrial gaskets in Bagnolo di Lonigo, a small town with 700 inhabitants in the province of Vicenza. From a leading manufacturer of engine components, it evolved and in 2009, with the distribution of GoPro, world leader in the Action Cam market, it inaugurated the Sportech division.

Athena’s Sportech division distributes brands with a strong content of innovation and appeal to satisfy the passions of consumers in the fields of sport, technology and the outdoors.

Athena strongly supports us in the bike segment through the TroyLeeDesign, Leatt and TechnoMousse brands. These brands guarantee us cutting-edge protections, clothing and shoes. In this way our mountain bike instructors don’t have to think of anything but you and your fun.

Furthermore, for communications, they support us with indestructible mobile phones Crosscall, good for any eventuality and in any condition. When we run out of batteries (in the literal sense) they come to the rescue with the products of GoalZero</a >, sustainable and useful.



NaturalBoom is a drink based on green tea, ginger, herbs and fruits with extraordinary properties. Thanks to the presence of nootropics*, intelligent substances present in nature, it promotes mental concentration. Plus it’s hydrating and delicious. *The word nootropic comes from the Greek, nous (mind) and tropein (to change, mutate)

NaturalBoom was born from the passion for the outdoors and natural elements. It comes from a steaming thermos, from a basket of fresh fruit, from the desire for nature, but above all from a need for mental well-being. It brings in the lights of dawn, the strength of the sea and the passion for sport. The certainty of having created something unique comes to life when ashwagandha is combined with other ingredients such as hot green tea and ginger. It is an intelligent drink rich in nootropics, capable of improving concentration in an absolutely natural way, therefore ideal for sports or mental performance in general.

We often taste it before and after our experiences. Also because drinking NaturalBoom is good for yourself and also for people less fortunate than you. In fact, Natural Boom supports many initiatives in favor of the disabled such as Moto Therapy.