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Ursus Life

299€ per person

A total immersion with nature

  • 20 Hours of Wilderness Excitement with Expert Guides
  • 1 Night in Stelvio National Park with Trapper Cuisine
  • Guided Trekking with Specialized Insights into Plants and Herbs
  • Bushcrafting, Foraging, Fauna, and Flora Knowledge

Ursus Life

Experience a Day as a Bear in Stelvio National Park, Trentino

Embark on a journey reminiscent of a bear’s life in Stelvio National Park, Trentino. Enter the forest with respect, discovering edible wild plants and herbs. Sit around the fire to enjoy a trapper’s dinner, spend a night in a suspended tent or a mountain hut, and, at sunrise, indulge in a trekking experience to deepen your connection with the forest.

This experience offers a unique opportunity to step back in time when humans were closely connected with the forest, considering it a source of food and a refuge.

Guided Trekking and Bushcrafting: Led by experts, engage in an exploratory trek to discover herbs, flowers, and plants. Acquire bushcrafting skills, learning to live harmoniously with nature.

Trapper’s Dinner by the Fire: As night falls, gather around the fire for a trapper’s dinner, savoring dishes prepared with ingredients collected during the hike.

Stories and Bonfire Evening: The night concludes with a bonfire, stories of men and woods, creating a captivating and atmospheric setting.

Nature-Immersed Overnight Stay: Choose between a night in a suspended tent among the trees or in a charming mountain hut within Stelvio National Park. Let the forest’s melody lull you to sleep.

Dawn in the Woods: Wake up at dawn to experience the energy and light of the morning. Alongside your guide, embark on a search for woodland creatures, living an authentic and engaging experience.

The experience includes both the trapper’s dinner and breakfast. Participants should come prepared with layered mountain clothing, a rain jacket, backpack, water bottle, hiking boots, and a sleeping bag (rental available). The activity spans approximately 20 hours, starting at 3:00 PM on the first day and concluding at 11:00 AM on the second day. It is available both during weekdays and weekends.

Take the opportunity to connect deeply with the forest. Suitable for adventurous nature lovers, the itinerary will be adjusted based on participants’ preferences.

Suitable for

> 14 years

Period of the year

from April to October


20 hours

equipment provided

everything you need to live in the woods for 1 day and 1 night

Equipment to bring

layered clothing, backpack, sleeping bag, water bottle, mountain boots


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Ursus Life

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