Rifugio Denza con capre

Overnight Stay in a Mountain Hut and “Caserada”

175€ + iva per person

  • Guided trekking at the foot of Presanella
  • “Caserada” activity: Producing goat cheese at 2300m
  • Dinner, overnight stay, and breakfast at Rifugio Denza
  • In Val di Sole, in the wild part of Trentino.

Overnight Stay in a Mountain Hut and “Caserada”

Elevate your team with a Team Building Experience at Rifugio Denza, in the heart of Val di Sole in Trentino! The team building retreat with Ursus Adventures is an extraordinary experience: a two-day journey that will strengthen bonds and solidify team spirit.

Participating in this event won’t just be a mountain excursion; it’s an opportunity for your team to grow and face challenges together, immersed in the timeless beauty of Trentino. Rifugio Denza, lovingly managed by Mirco and Erika, will be your home away from the comforts of home—a welcoming haven where participants will share unforgettable and authentic moments.

You’ll kick off your two days with an exciting trek under the imposing peak of Presanella, the highest summit in Trentino at 3558m. Accompanied by mountain professionals, the two-hour hike will motivate you in the ascent and enrich you with important natural and landscape insights. The elevation gain is approximately 450m, covering about 5 km, manageable for all participants with the appropriate support in approximately 2 hours of walking. It will be a journey through paths that tell ancient stories, amidst incredible panoramas that will capture your heart.

Upon reaching Rifugio Denza, you’ll be greeted by the warm hospitality of managers Mirco and Erika, ready to open the doors of their home to you. He, an alpine guide, and she, a psychologist—a mountain couple who will transmit their passion for the mountains and the culture they carefully preserve. Water here is a precious and scarce resource managed with care and respect. For this reason, you’ll be invited not to take showers during your stay. The sacrifice will deeply gratify you for the contribution you make to this unique and delicate environment.

After settling into the dormitories, the “Caserada” experience will begin, involving the production of goat cheese using an original and authentic recipe, following the tradition of Val di Sole. A unique activity at 2300m that will be etched in the memory book. Picture yourselves together, engaged in this culinary creation—a dance of flavors and fragrances that will unite your team spirit.

The day will culminate in a dinner featuring local products and, finally, in a stargazing session where you’ll discover the true colors of the stars in the cool Trentino night.

The second day will start with a special breakfast, savoring the “primo sale” cheese produced by your own hands the day before. A wake-up with the taste of adventure still on your lips. Refreshed with the right energy, you’ll be taken once again by the guides back to the vehicles for the return journey. The return to the valley will be a journey of reflection and sharing, carrying with you the treasures of this experience. You’ll return to your company revitalized, regenerated, and with a strengthened bond with Nature.

The package includes:

– Guided trekking both on the way up and on the way back
– “Caserada” experience
– Dinner, overnight stay, and breakfast at the refuge (excluding drinks)
– Supply of bed sheets and duvets

On the return day, there is the option, upon request, to participate in a second outdoor activity such as rafting, a canoe experience in the Novella Gorge, or an ebike tour.

The refuge can accommodate companies up to 60 people. There are both dormitories and smaller rooms, with shared facilities on each floor.

You need a vehicle with good ground clearance to drive comfortably on the dirt road required to reach Forte Pozzi Alti, the starting point of the trekking trail. The road is a narrow, winding mountain road with steep drops. It’s possible to arrange a round-trip taxi service with an additional fee of 30 euros per person.


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Overnight Stay in a Mountain Hut and “Caserada”

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