Ursus Adventures certificato iso 140001

Ursus Adventures' commitment to the environment

  • Our bar is plastic free.
  • The products we use to clean spaces are environmentally friendly.
  • We use local products.
  • We practice a careful differentiated collection.
  • The external lake uses the water pumped directly into the groundwater from a well 15 meters deep and then returns it to the Noce river.
  • We only use energy from renewable sources.
  • Our structure is eco-sustainable.

Environmental impact certification

Ursus Adventures on 1 July 2021 managed to obtain a very important certification which made it the first rafting and outdoor center in Italy ISO 14001 certificate, a certification attesting that the Organization has an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control and systematically researches them improvement in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

The center is divided into three locations in Val di Sole. The first is in Ossana, the heart and main office from which most of the activities start, the second is in Mezzana, at the Trento-Malè railway station, a low-impact building environmental and strategic hub for sustainable and intermodal mobility by combining rail and bike, the third is at Santa Giustina lake.

In the two locations you can breathe and live how much the Ursus Adventures outdoor center cares about nature and sustainability through all the experiences and services offered in which the natural elements are valued, respected and at the center of the outdoor proposals: rafting, bushcraft, hydrospeed, natural yoga, forest bathing, astrotrexperience, tandem paragliding, wildlife watching, ebike and mountain biking, trekking, routes ferrate, canyoning , tarzaning, canoeing in the lake of S. Giustina in Val di Non, archery, orienteering, fishing adventure, ice climbing, sci alpinismo, snow walking and winter ebike.

Ursus Adventures has decided to undertake and obtain the ISO 14001 certification to learn about its effects on the environment and continue to improve the tourist and experiential offer for its guests.

What is the message we want to send by obtaining ISO 1400 certification?

It is a simple and important message: “we are nature and we must reconnect with it starting from the experiences we have; on holiday we are naturally more receptive and open to the new, the unedited and to adventure in safety and this is good for the spirit and the body as well as for nature itself“.

So he decided to certify his good work towards the environment to safely experience all the beauty of nature and be “light” towards the environment. Ursus Adventures is also one of the signatories of “The Clean Outdoor Manifesto“, a project that brings together practitioners and professionals of outdoor activities to give this reality an impulse of ecological awareness, but the center is also very keen on communicate to its customers its commitment to the environment

Passing from word to deed, here is the usefulness of an ISO 14001 certification


ISO 1400 certification is an international standard with voluntary adherence that allows companies and organizations that wish to obtain it to adopt an Environmental Management System (EMS) which, in compliance with current regulations, allows them to improve their performance but always becoming more sustainable for the environment.


What are the advantages?

First of all, a better relationship with the environment. This occurs through the implementation of a system aimed at reducing pollution, emissions and the production of waste; reduce the consumption of energy, water and natural resources; implement a systematic approach to responding to environmental emergencies.
Furthermore, a company can derive indirect benefits by communicating to stakeholders the continuous improvement towards the environment, demonstrating that it is listening to what is happening to the planet and how each organization can do its part.

Finally, a management tool such as ISO 14001 allows you to monitor costs and investments more carefully for the future and manage business risk which consists of multiple aspects and on which it is good to always be updated and aware. In conclusion, Ursus Adventures has demonstrated in practice that it is a sensitive and proactive reality towards the environment, transforming this attention into concrete actions. The hope is that it will be a beginning and that this virtuous and significant example will be followed by many others!

Ursus Adventures' commitment to the environment:

  • Our bar is plastic free. We have eliminated plastic bottles using only glass and aluminum, materials that can be easily recycled.
  • The products we use to clean spaces are environmentally friendly. We select them carefully and use them sparingly.
  • We use local products. Here you will find a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, local wines and beers that express our “genius loci”.
  • We source from local suppliers. We think it is right to give back to the territory what it gives us.
  • We practice a careful differentiated collection. You will find colored bins with indications of what to diversify in 3 points of the Centre.
  • We have chosen to establish our second office in the Mezzana station because we consider rail mobility to be very important and to be enhanced in order to reduce
    the impact of CO2 production on the environment.
  • The external lake uses the water pumped directly into the groundwater from a well 15 meters deep and then returns it to the Noce river.
  • To sanitize we use alcohol-based products and ozone, a totally ecological gas.
  • We only use energy from renewable sources.
  • Our structure is eco-sustainable. The buildings were built in wood by local craftsmen.
  • We chose to use an awning for the outdoor spaces in order to reduce the built-up area and once the summer is over, remove it to make room for greenery.
  • We use vehicles for travel during the activities which are all “euro 6” and we intend to buy an electric vehicle.
  • When you participate in the activities and experiences we have created for you, you must share our philosophy: “Respect for the territory“.
  • Get in touch with nature, be ready to listen to it without putting it at risk, and you will be able to understand the true and profound meaning of the word “Adventure”.
  • Help us contribute with your responsible action to the maintenance of the magnificent ecosystem that hosts us.