Hydrospeed sul fiume Noce (Val di Sole, Trentino)


  • on the Noce, the best river in Europe for water sports
  • an unforgettable and safe descent with river bobsleigh
  • immerse your wetsuit in the current of the stream
  • suitable for anyone aged 18 and over
Try it, what are you waiting for?

Surf the waves of Noce

Face to face with the river and its explosive force

Hydrospeed is an extreme water sport that involves descending rivers or streams using a specific device called “hydrospeed,” “riverboard,” or “river bob.” This apparatus is a board similar to a bodyboard but more durable, often equipped with handles or straps to allow the practitioner to firmly grasp the board.

During hydrospeed practice, the participant wears a full wetsuit, fins on their feet, and a helmet for protection against obstacles in the water. The practitioner’s body is positioned downward on the board, while the arms are free to maneuver the equipment and assist in navigating through currents and obstacles.

Enthusiasts of hydrospeed tackle rapids and water flows, attempting to follow the flow of the main current. This sport requires good physical endurance, swimming skills, and the ability to adapt quickly to river conditions. Hydrospeed can be practiced by both beginners and experts, with courses ranging in difficulty from moderate to high.

To practice hydrospeed in the Noce River in Val di Sole, you need a lot of adventure spirit and a good dose of courage to challenge nature. Always immersed in the waters of this mountain river, accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will boldly cross it with audacity, strength, and skill.

With our “Hydrospeed Noce” package, we guarantee you 1 hour of pure fun and provide all the necessary equipment for this activity: wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, and river bob.

After a brief theoretical lesson and “dry” practice, you will plunge into the waters of the Noce River, trying to tame its current and give yourself an unforgettable descent of 4 km. This discipline is suitable for trained individuals with good water skills, aged 18 and above.

Hydrospeed Val di Sole

70€ per person

Hydrospeed Val di Sole

70€ per person

Surf the waves of the Noce river and treat yourself to an unforgettable descent

  • adrenaline and lots of fun
  • in Val di Sole on the Noce river
  • completely immersed in the current of the river Noce
  • the force of nature in contact with your body

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    Hydrospeed sul fiume Noce (Val di Sole, Trentino)