Outdoor is possible!

How did we organize ourselves?

  • Rigorous cleaning of environments and materials as per WHO indications
  • Sanitization with ozone and 70% alcohol solution
  • Experiences with limited numbers to ensure safety
  • Use of the mask on board transport and transfers

Tourism in Trentino today

Outdoor health and safety

We used to give an old-fashioned handshake when we introduce ourselves and a hug when we say goodbye… this year – as you can imagine – it won’t be possible and it will cost us a lot!

All our experiences generally take place outdoors, therefore with a medium-low risk of contagion.

However, for us, adventure is serious business!

We have therefore decided to adopt a series of measures and procedures aimed at further mitigating the risk of transmission of Covid-19 for our collaborators and our guests who carry out activities at our Centre, with the same spirit with which we face the training schedules.

Here we have tried to answer the questions you might ask us. But if you have more, don’t hesitate to ask! We will answer with great pleasure.

Is the Green Pass necessary to carry out the rafting experience or one of the other activities offered by Ursus Adventures?

Rafting and all the experiences offered by Ursus Adventures are outdoor activities that therefore do not require a green pass. Even the bar inside the Ursus Center is open on all sides and therefore equivalent to an outdoor space.
Consequently, even the green pass is not required for access to the bar.

Should I use a mask during outdoor activities?

Ni, but we must all commit to keeping our distance: let’s keep, as much as possible, an interpersonal distance of 1 meter.

During sporting activities, we may not use the mask if we maintain an interpersonal distance greater than 1 meter. In the common areas and on the vehicles, before and after the activity, it is mandatory to wear it.

We advise you to arrive at the Center already equipped with a mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. Alternatively we have them.

How are the rooms and materials provided during the activities cleaned?

We follow both the WHO guidelines and the ISS COVID 19 Report.

We clean the rooms and all the common areas several times a day. We use different cloths for each type of object/surface.

We sanitize common materials with a 70% alcohol solution, such as bicycles, helmets, harnesses, lanyards, paddles, wetsuits, gloves, boats, toilets. We deliver sanitized equipment for personal use to the customer.

Ursus Adventures also uses an innovative ozone sanitization cycle to guarantee a further level of sanitation and hygiene.

Will the activities organized by the center change?

Ni, we have decided to limit participants to group experiences. Here are the numbers:

In addition to sanitizing the delivered material, in each activity our guides will be equipped with disinfectant to guarantee even greater cleanliness and hygiene.

Are the transports used sanitized?

Certainly, the use of vehicles is permitted at full load with the use of masks. We sanitize the vehicles with a portable ozone machine! The most used areas are also sanitized with a 70% alcohol solution. The sanitizing gel is present on the vehicles.

We use the vehicles for the Rafting and Hydrospeed activities, while for the other activities, such as Tarzaning or the via ferrata, we ask you to reach the starting point of the activity with your car.

Are the materials you rent safe?

Of course, we sanitize all the rented equipment after each use.

Cleaning is done in two steps, first we perform a general cleaning with soap and water and then we sanitize with a diluted sodium hypochlorite solution.

The hydrospeed rafting and canyoning equipment is also sanitized with a brand new ozone disinfection system.

Can we use the changing rooms?

We advise you to use them as little as possible. Changing your shoes and wearing your swimsuit outdoors or in a locker room, we believe, doesn’t make that much difference 😉

Furthermore, to guarantee greater safety, we have doubled the changing rooms by having those of the nearby soccer field available, to have a support base when changing (rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning activities).

We also advise against the use of showers. We know, it’s not the best! But it’s part of the guidelines we adopt to ensure your safety 🙂

Can I book the activities on site?

Yes you can, although we recommend booking the experiences online directly here or by calling the telephone number 0463 636175. In this way you will avoid having to wait in front of the tills, where there is a risk of gatherings that can put your health and that of others at risk.

If you want to come directly to the office to ask for information or book, you can easily do so, being careful to keep a distance of 2 meters from other people. The Center is very large and has over 10,000 square meters of greenery, so you won’t have any difficulty doing it. The office is equipped with plexiglass so you can ask for all the information in complete safety.

We have also decided to provide paper information material only upon request.

What precautions should be taken in general while I'm in the center and when I go home?

All the precautions you keep during your daily life,

  • Using the mask when you are not doing sports
  • Keep your distance
  • Keep an attitude of responsibility and fairness towards everyone

We ask you for something very important: if in the following 7 days after the activity, you or someone in your group has flu symptoms or tests positive for the Coronavirus, let us know!

Is there a Corona Virus contact person?

Yes of course, in our Center there is a Covid_19 manager, to whom you can make your reports and requests if necessary. Ask at reception!


Ursus Adventures on the news

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