Rafting Extreme sul fiume Noce in Val di Sole con Ursus Adventures

Rafting Extreme

75€ per person

The most adventurous rafting descent of the river Noce

  • an unforgettable raft trip
  • the best rapids of the Noce river
  • 3 hours of adventure and 100% adrenaline
  • only for > 14 years old
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Rafting Extreme

A unique descent, made only by us. A selection of the best rapids of the river both in the upper and lower reaches of the Noce river in Val di Sole. Ideal for those who want real adrenaline, extreme fun and adventure galore .

The best rafting rapids of the upper stretch of the river Noce together with the best rapids of the lower stretch: rapids of the “slalom field”, the “purifier”, the “forest gorges”, the “millebuchi”, the “Three mountains” of the “Castello” . 3 hours of fun and adrenaline suitable only for those who really want to have fun and have the right spirit of discovery.

In the event of particular weather conditions and/or river conditions with low or high water, the section navigated may undergo modifications. However, the fun will certainly be guaranteed.

Rafting descent in Val di Sole Trentino suitable for adults and children from 14 years of age.

Descent ideal for bachelorette parties and bachelorettes and people with a great desire for fun.


Duration of 3 hours including theoretical lesson and transport. Meeting 30 min before

What’s included

We will deliver the following material in use included in the price:

  • 3mm wetsuit
  • water jacket
  • life jacket
  • helmet
  • paddle

All the material is sanitized before and after each descent.

Proper clothing for rafting

  • costume
  • t-shirt possibly in synthetic material or microfleece
  • spare trainers (no barefoot rafting or flip flops/slippers)
  • change.


Suitable for

adults and children > 14 years

Period of the year

from May to September


3 hours

equipment provided

3 mm wetsuit - water jacket - life jacket - helmet - paddle

Equipment to bring

bathing suit - microfibre t-shirt - shoes that get wet - change