Andrea Rosetti

Andrea Rosetti

  • Founder of Ursus Adventures srl
  • Pure energy and engaging sympathy
  • Kitesurf instructor, snowboard instructor, mountain bike guide and trainer
  • He transmits joy and passion in everything he does


Andrea Rosetti

I chose a non-posed photo, because I see its deepest essence in the unpredictability of life.

I am unabashedly curious to get to know others and to live in full harmony with them: one of my strengths in my profession.

I was born and lived in Forlì until the age of 20. Here I work full time in the family business and, in my limited free time, I go looking for the elements that I feel most comfortable with: water and the air.

Precisely these two elements teach me what it means to enter into symbiosis with nature.

The problem is that now I only feel emotions while sailing or kitesurfing, less and less with my job: I’m demotivated.

The doubts

After so many doubts, I do a family briefing and start training as a kitesurf instructor in Tuscany. During the summer I work as an instructor and I am catapulted into a crazy situation: I work three times as much as before, but I am in tune with those elements that give me energy and positivity. I am finally satisfied.

Val di Sole

But remember the unpredictability? As a child, my parents introduced me to a fantastic place for skiing, the Val di Sole, where I started snowboarding.

I come back to this wonderful place, after many years, and I’m looking for a seasonal job in a snowboard shop. So I suddenly become a salesman: I’m a ski-man and manage the rental.

But that’s still not enough for me: I decide to become a snowboard instructor. I pass the exam on the second attempt and start working in a school in Madonna di Campiglio.

The years go by and the bond between me and Val di Sole grows stronger and stronger. I therefore decide to move permanently to the valley.

My way

I find a job in the outdoor sector, thus discovering a valley full of activities: from rafting, to canyoning, to tarzaning< /strong>, kayak, mountain bike.

I start practicing mountain biking, the one that takes you to explore nature to listen to the silence of the mountains, to enjoy the area that surrounds you. MTB takes me so much that I undertake a training course here too and become a guide and trainer.

Precisely in the outdoor environment in the following years, I establish friendships with people who share my philosophy, people who always look on the bright side, people who overcome the unexpected, people who teach me how much worth fighting for the protection of one’s territory.

Well, this is our philosophy, the philosophy of Ursus Adventures: people capable of making me love this territory, trusted friends who, over the years, have taught me to feel the Val di Sole as my home.


Andrea Rosetti left us on July 19, 2020 dying in a tragic accident. But you will find him in all our experiences when you feel the natural elements enveloping you: in the wind in your hair on a downhill mountain bike ride, in the impetuous waters of the Noce River in rafting, in the clouds of snow off-piste. Rep.