Alessandro Fantelli

  • Founder and director of Ursus Adventures srl
  • The head of the group. Nothing is ever taken for granted with him
  • Flexibility, creativity, altruism and tenacity characterize him
  • The bigger the challenges, the more energy it will take to overcome them

Alessandro Fantelli

I was born in 1980 and I am part of a generation that has experienced many changes, very fast, irrepressible.

Dynamics that have imbued my life with a sense of constant provisionality.

I spent my carefree childhood in nature, without cell phones or GPS.

Growing up, I cultivated many passions, linked above all to sports and the mountains. But another passion is also growing, that for the alpine fauna. Animals leave constant traces for those who can see them but you can hardly find them.

Of all of them there is one who, due to his reserve, size, strength and intelligence, fascinates me and in some way represents me: he is the Brown Bear, the king of our woods.

The studies

I finish my classical studies and enroll at the University of Economics in Trento, to then complete a post-graduate Master in Tourism Management.

University is my fortune. I know half of the apple: Patrizia, who has been accompanying me on all my adventures for over 20 years. With her I built a beautiful family with Isabella, Federico and our boxer Yndia.

The job

I am fortunate to work in an important company in the tourism world and with a valid entrepreneur who teaches me many things. I start with the receptionist and do all the steps until I become a member and manage the Val di Sole Rafting Center for over 10 years.

The change

Then comes October 29, 2018, a day that no one in Dimaro will ever forget. Nature decides to flex its muscles: a landslide of debris and mud submerges a part of the town. A friend, a mother, my babysitter as a child, dies leaving her family alone.

Everything changes quickly for me too. I no longer have a job, I’ve been evacuated from home, I have a mortgage on my back: my certainties no longer exist.

I have two options: feel sorry for myself or roll up my sleeves and accept what happened. I opt for the second. I rebuild the Rafting Center with lifelong companions, I recreate my job.

But the landslide changed us. So I decide to sell the shares of the company to trace, leave a mark, treat myself to my adventure.

Fondo with 4 people Ursus Adventures, a reality in the world of experiential tourism that wants to donate outdoor adventures 365 days a year.

We want to bring value to the area in which we live, actively engaging in the development of experiences that respect and enhance the environment. Climate change is real and we have an obligation, with our behavior and our actions, to fight it. Values ​​that we want to pass on to future generations.