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Tommaso Albasini

  • Founder of Ursus Adventures srl
  • Tireless worker always has the right solution at the right time
  • Traditions with him are guaranteed to be handed down.
  • In every problematic situation, in every weather condition, at any time: he’s there!

Tommaso Albasini

I was born and raised in Val di Sole, I live with my partner and my two splendid children in Dimaro.

My approach to the mountain world is really precocious: already in kindergarten. My grandfather “Salo” often took me into the woods teaching me the secrets of nature and the traditions of the mountain people. Everything I know about this environment I owe to him.

He taught me everything, from the simplest differences between a “Lares” (larch) and a “Pec” (spruce), to the names of the areas of the wood. I spend my days in the woods with him and I learn to live it as it once was: simplicity, respect for nature, slow times, saving resources.

Once these values ​​were a necessity, while today they must be a duty, a real philosophy of life.

The youth

The years go by and I enroll in Accounting in Mezzolombardo, but as soon as I get my high school diploma, I understand that office life is not for me: being locked up in a room 8 hours a day is unthinkable.

What I like, on the other hand, is being in contact with nature, being outdoors and getting my hands dirty.

So I start working in the outdoor environment, which I have been doing continuously since then. In this environment I meet wonderful people with whom I discover I share their values.

In winter, in addition to cultivating my passion for snowboarding, I am a “cat lover”: when the sun goes down on the slopes of Val di Sole, I take care of their accommodation for the following day.

I like to define myself as a person who gets along better with my hands than with words: fixing, undoing, cutting, assembling, disassembling. You will always find me busy in my projects, “Never sit still with your teeth in the mouth”.

The volunteering

My grandfather was also able to pass on to me one of the values ​​that I consider most noble: volunteering. For this reason, in 2005 I became a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Dimaro of which I have also been station commander for 6 years. As a firefighter, I see with my own eyes and live on my skin, the darker side of nature.

In 2007 I took part in the operations to extinguish the forest fire in Revò, in Val di Non. More recently, in 2018, Dimaro was destroyed by the storm Vaia: a landslide 200 thousand cubic meters erases part of my country and also the reality where I work.

The force of nature has been powerful. We roll up our sleeves and rebuild what had been swept away in a few moments.

The change

However, after Vaia, too many balances have been compromised. Together with other friends we decide to embark on a new path: we become members.

From the union of our strengths, our values, ideals and experiences, Ursus Adventures is born.