Team Building Rafting

75€ per person

  • rafting for corporate team building: an emotionally intense experience
  • it will help to develop cohesion, collaboration and team spirit
  • on the Noce river: the best in Italy for rafting
  • with the Ursus Adventures team in Val di Sole, Trentino
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    Team Building Rafting

    Tackling the river, with its rapids, even in the most difficult stretches, is possible by working together, coordinated, respecting roles and communicating effectively. These are the elements of a good team, in rafting as in the company!

    The adrenaline level is certainly high on this experience! The rhythm is established by the river, the tension by the team. Hence the educational relevance of this team building: facing together, as a team, tensions and fears, unexpected and rapid events that the professional world reserves.

    Participants: min. 6 max. 60

    Duration: 2 and a half hours

    When: May – September. Guaranteed activity even in bad weather

    Where: Ossana – Val di Sole

    The outdoor proposal includes

    • photoshoot
    • technical material


    • overnight
    • meals
    • Go-pro video service
    • trainer


    The transfer to the Ossana base is charged to the customer. The return transfer from the base to the embarkation and disembarkation points is included in the proposal.


    The activity is characterized by an important educational aspect as well as high fun; it is an outdoor activity for everyone: you don’t need particular physical abilities to practice it. A theoretical lesson and a test of aquatics precede the descent in the rubber dinghy. The proposal includes exercises such as the aquatic test, the competition between crews, of high metaphorical value, very useful in terms of training effectiveness of the intervention. It is possible to experience a more complex river rescue exercise such as the pyramid. In this case the times increase by 1 hour and there is a surcharge of 20 euros per person.