Pesca Catch & Release nei laghi alpini

Magic Barco lake

150€ per person

Live the Adventure of a day of fishing in unique and off the beaten track environments

  • Fishing experience enveloped by the majesty of the mountains in an alpine lake
  • Catch char and brown trout with Catch & Release
  • Guided by experts, fish in unique spots accessible with a short trek
  • Live the adventure with Ursus Adventures

Magic Barco lake

Diving into the serenity of an alpine lake in the picturesque Val di Sole is a unique experience, wrapped in the magic of mountains and the richness of crystal-clear waters. Our invitation is to live an unforgettable fishing adventure in an untouched corner of this alpine valley, dedicated to respecting nature through Catch & Release.

At sunrise, when the world is still shrouded in a mystical calm, we’ll head towards the alpine lake, accompanied by the fresh mountain breeze. With the mountains reflecting on the calm and transparent water, you’ll have the opportunity to try your hand at fishing wild char and brown trout, two iconic species in these crystalline waters.

The Catch & Release experience, in addition to providing the thrill of fishing, is based on awareness and respect for aquatic life. Once caught, these precious fish will be gently released into the lake, contributing to the conservation of a delicate ecological balance.

Fishing in these alpine lakes is an art that requires patience and skill, and you’ll be guided by local experts who know the secrets of these magical places. The fishing spots, accessible by trekking, offer a unique environment and the feeling of being in harmony with wild nature.

Throughout the day, you’ll appreciate not only the beauty of the lake and your fishing skills but also the peace and tranquility that only the mountains can offer. You’ll conclude your adventure with a heart full of emotions and the smile of someone who has experienced a unique moment, immersed in the magic of the high lakes of Val di Sole.

The activity starts early in the morning, around 7 am. You’ll be taken by the guide with a jeep transfer above the town of Vermiglio, from where a trek of about 1 hour will lead you to the lake, a splendid untouched gem off the beaten tourist paths. There, you can dedicate yourself to fishing all day in the company of an expert local guide who will provide important insights into the geography, flora, and local fauna.

The price includes: fishing permit (license required), jeep transfer, guidance by an expert guide.

What to bring: mountain clothing, backpack, water, lunch, fishing rod, and bait.

Natural or artificial bait is preferred. Spinning and fly fishing are recommended for experts only.

Suitable for

adults and children > 14 years

Period of the year

from June to September


10 hours

equipment provided

Fishing permit and jeep transfer

Equipment to bring

fishing rod - lures - layered clothing - hiking boots - windbreaker - backpack


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Magic Barco lake

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